DRM, Copyright Protection and the DMCA

DRM & the Protection of digital information.

Who says lightning never strikes twice in the same place?  They are wrong.  On the same day it is reported that HP have included new Digital Rights Management (DRM) in their printers to make them refuse to work with ‘foreign’ cartridges, and Claims are made that DRM restrictions lead customers to illegal activity.

Lest we forget, HP have had chips on their cartridges for some time now that decide when the cartridge is empty and if the new cartridge is ‘genuine’ but I’m not convinced by the argument that DRM is being used is correct. Read more

PDF DRM & Offline use of Documents

The importance of offline access for document DRM.

Whenever something on the computer stops working it’s always the fault of the provider of the end user application.  And if DRM controls are present any failure is bound to be the fault of the evil DRM provider regardless of the facts. Read more

Document Watermarking

Watermarks for document security.

Watermarking is quite an old technique, appearing to start in the 13th century when it identified the papermaker or the trade guild manufacturing the paper.  So right from the beginning it was about preventing forgery and identifying the source of the paper.  The Gutenberg Bible was watermarked. Read more

Document Expiry using DRM controls

Using DRM to expire documents.

At the risk of stating the obvious, not all PDF documents are supposed to last forever.

It would be nice if books, fiction or non-fiction, had that ability.  But many historic works have been lost for all time because the library they were in was burned down (this problem still goes on today). Read more

Selling PDF books, files, documents online with DRM copy protection

Using DRM to protect PDFs sold online.

Selling PDF books, files and documents online has obvious advantages.  You can cut costs (no more printed copies to produce and distribute), help save the environment (no more paper), save time (distribution handled automatically by an ecommerce system), and reach new markets.  The downside however is how do you protect electronic copies which by their very nature can be easily re-produced? Read more