Training course copy protection

Protecting digital Training courses against piracy

The pressure is on for training course providers to maximize revenues from and minimize costs of delivery.  That means training goes digital.  But going digital is often associated with loss of revenue since whole courses can be easily copied and made freely available on the Internet. Read more

DRM is dead – long live DRM

DRM for copyright protection

Some people say DRM is dead and that people should be free to copy and reproduce works published on the Internet.  Authors however want to get paid for their work (assuming they are not giving it away for free) yet the only way to ensure copyright protection is by using DRM to control use.  So is DRM really dead? Read more

Controlling membership access with Document DRM

Protecting members only information

Ensuring only members can access your documents is no more important than controlling how they are used, where they are used, and for how long they can be used.  Document DRM protects your documents against unauthorized use, misuse, and piracy. Read more

Access controls, encryption or DRM for Document Security?

What Document security method is best?

There are three major classes of controls used by computer systems to protect access to information – Access controls, Encryption, and Digital Rights Management (DRM).  But which one is the right one for your requirements and why? Read more

Securing documents in the cloud

Document security in the cloud.

Everyone knows the ubiquity of the cloud – a big empty space just waiting for you to fill it up with all sorts of goodies that you want to be able to share with the right friends or business partners, or customers, and who may well equally want to share their information with you. Read more