Safeguarding classified information

How to securely safeguard classified information & what solution to use to do it

Classified information can be safeguarded by using Locklizard to stop sharing, copying, editing, and printing.  Automatically expire and revoke access, and track use.

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Selling ebooks online

How to sell PDFs online, ebooks, & other digital downloads

Selling ebooks and other digital downloads can be a profitable business.  However, with piracy frequent, you need to choose your platforms and protection methods carefully.

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PDF anti-copy protection

How to protect a PDF from being copied without passwords

Adobe Acrobat protection is easily removed, data rooms don’t stop documents from being shared, and DLP solutions are useless for external sharing.  So, if all these protections don’t work, how do you stop a PDF from being copied?

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Secure external document sharing

How to securely share documents externally without portals or passwords

Secure document sharing sites are incredibly convenient – especially during the collaboration process.  When it comes to sharing sensitive documents, however, they’re not fit for purpose.  Here’s why.

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Ebook social watermarking

Does ebook social watermarking or social DRM stop piracy & what are secure alternatives?

So-called “social DRM” has grown in popularity over the past few years, but is it any good?  Most watermarking can be easily removed – so what is a secure alternative?

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