DRM Videos


Videos for our PDF DRM software

  Protect PDF files

How to protect PDF files without passwords – add DRM to PDF files (copy protection & encryption) with non-removable restrictions.

  Add & revoke access, view protected PDF files

Add and revoke access to protected PDF files, view secure PDF documents.

   Web and USB protection

How to protect PDF files to the Web and USB devices using our optional PDF DRM product add-ons.


Add watermarks to PDF files that are non-removable and dynamic.  Have different watermarks display for print and view.


Disable PDF printing or add print restrictions such as limited prints, black & white or greyscale copies and restricted Operating Systems.


Expire PDF files on a fixed date, after a number of days use, or no. of opens or prints. Expire user access to individual PDFs.

  Tracking PDF files & locking to locations

Track PDF files when they are opened and printed.  Lock document access to authorized devices and locations.

  Limiting Document Opens

Limit how many times PDF documents can be opened and add extra opens or views.

  Admin System – Manage users

Import users, manage user accounts and resend users their license files.

  Admin System – Publications & Settings

Add publications for simpler document access, change system settings and PDF restrictions after sending.


Add your own unauthorized access and expiry messages, logo and branding.


Batch protect PDF files and automatically assign access and manage users.


How to sell ebooks securely, protect online courses from unauthorized distribution, and securely share protected PDF files.

   Secure PDF Viewers

How to install and register the secure PDF Viewer software and view protected PDF documents.