How to protect confidential documents

Using watermarks and DRM to safeguard confidential information & prevent sharing.

Why training is not enough to keep your confidential documents private and what you should be using instead of DLP, ERM, secure data room, or access control solutions.
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How to publish an ebook securely

Why traditional ebook DRM fails & how to publish an ebook securely to stop piracy.

Pirates can strip the ebook DRM used by most publishing platforms in seconds, impacting an author’s bottom-line.  Thankfully, there are more secure alternatives available for selling ebooks online.
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How to restrict PDF Editing without passwords

Restrict editing in PDF files permanently: protect PDFs without passwords

Why PDF tools that use passwords (such as Adobe Acrobat) are useless for restricting editing in PDF files, and the secure alternatives you can use to protect PDF files so that restrictions cannot be removed.
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How to password protect a PDF & why it is not secure

Why PDF password protection is useless. How to add, bypass and remove PDF passwords.

Using passwords to protect revenue generating or confidential and sensitive business documents is a bad idea since they can be given away.
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