Are Data Rooms Really Secure?

The Hidden Truth Behind ‘Secure’ Data Rooms – are they Snake Oil?

Secure data room systems don’t stop users sharing documents.  Here we cut through the hype and explain why they are useless for secure document sharing.
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Proctoring: Prevent online cheating

Proctoring : how to prevent cheating in online exams, tests and courses.

How online proctoring services and software can be made more secure by using PDF DRM to prevent online cheating in courses, tests and exams.
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Protect online course content

How to protect online course content from piracy, theft & sharing.

As physical training courses and printed courseware materials move online you need to adequately protect them from unauthorized sharing and theft.  Here is how PDF DRM can help control course access and use.
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Print Management Security

Secure Printing and security watermarks.

Secure print management with DRM: protect important documents and improve print security – stop printing of documents or enable printing, enforce watermarks & control print use.

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2021 Technology & IT Security

2021: IT and document security predictions.

2021 will see IT security demands increase as businesses move more data to cloud services and publishers expand their digital distributution of revenue generating content.

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