Protect documents – control use with DRM security

Secure Documents & DRM controls.

It may seem strange but there’s plenty of knowledge about protecting data in computer files (yes, I know that the knowledge is there but the practice is rather patchy – this year is the best yet for fessing up to some major personal data losses), but there is rather less about protecting the humble document. Read more

Enterprise document security and Digital Rights Management

Enterprise Document Security & DRM.

Enterprise document security has had an increased uptake as corporations extend their document protection measures to prevent not just document leakage but also control how users use documents.  Digital Rights Management adds an extra layer of security controlling document use and is a flexible alternative to traditional enterprise document security solutions. Read more

Document security watermarks to prevent digital piracy

Can document watermarks replace DRM?

The humble document watermark is proving highly popular as an addition to or replacement of Digital Rights Management (DRM) control methods, although its use and effectivity are not as well understood as you might think.  We look at what you can achieve with document watermarks, and if they go far enough. Read more

Training course copy protection

Protecting digital Training courses against piracy

The pressure is on for training course providers to maximize revenues from and minimize costs of delivery.  That means training goes digital.  But going digital is often associated with loss of revenue since whole courses can be easily copied and made freely available on the Internet. Read more

DRM is dead – long live DRM

DRM for copyright protection

Some people say DRM is dead and that people should be free to copy and reproduce works published on the Internet.  Authors however want to get paid for their work (assuming they are not giving it away for free) yet the only way to ensure copyright protection is by using DRM to control use.  So is DRM really dead? Read more