Secure Remote Training Courses

Remote education & training: Protecting courses & educational materials from sharing & piracy.

Protection of training courses/educational materials is vitally important as teachers/instructors move to remote learning environments and digital distribution. DRM can help protect IPR from piracy. Read more

Coronavirus & Document Security

Coronavirus, secure remote working & document security.

The coronavirus, similar future outbreaks and even climate change will change the way society works, with more reliance on remote working.  This makes protecting your documents critical, ensuring they are not exposed to leakage and theft. Read more

Academic Document Protection

Protecting intellectual property and controlling document use.

Academic data theft is on the rise with IP piracy a major concern.  Here we discuss document protection measures you can implement and how DRM can help to control access to and use of sensitive and confidential information.
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Data Breaches & Document Security

Using DRM to control data breaches & enforce document security.

As data breaches continue to rise it has become increasingly important to have a data and document security system in place.  Here we discuss how DRM can help to secure confidential information against exposure and misuse.
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DRM and Data Protection

DRM, the California Consumer Privacy Act & data protection.

As more regulations are introduced concerning the use of personal data it is important to understand how it can be accessed and used securely.  DRM can help with tightly controlling use, ensuring it is not exposed or misused.
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