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Read how other companies have successfully protected their IPR using Locklizard.

    See how to integrate Safeguard PDF Security into your organisation

  Command Line Encryption

This demo uses a GUI to run command line commands to secure a PDF document that you supply, obtain a license to view it, and try out some of the controls available.

It shows you how internally, command line encryption can be used to rapidly protect documents for secure distribution with preset DRM protection features.

  Ecommerce Integration

Our shopping cart demo shows how a simple shopping cart system can be integrated with the Locklizard administration system.

Purchase a document (for free) secured by Safeguard PDF Security and obtain a license to view it, all in a matter of seconds.

  Additional Product Add-ons

Customize the Viewer and license emails, distribute protected documents on USB and/or for viewing in a web browser with our Product Add-ons.

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