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   Using PDF DRM Security to secure high value reports – stop sharing, theft, misrepresentation

   The need to protect reports when selling digital versions online

There are many specialist reports, market research reports, consulting reports, data intelligence, investor research, and analyses of financial market players or sectors.  Metals such as copper, tin, gold and so on all have their specialist players and reports.  As do the major share markets.  As do countries or market sectors.

The full list is enormous.  But reports and analyses share common characteristics:

  • They are not for public distribution
  • Public distribution would harm or negate their value or could be unlawful
  • Unauthorized editing could harm the author and/or the understanding of the recipient
  • They need to be protected from copying
  • They can be for sale, but are costly to make and to buy so their content must be protected
  • They aim at moving targets so need regular updating and distribution

The more authority the report has, the more expensive it is – and the more attractive it is to be copied and passed around without payment.  That is a problem with highly desirable information.

Typically, recipients expect to be able to print out the reports for further study, and this makes life more complicated, because without DRM controls it is possible for recipients to easily make their own PDF reports for distribution.

  Protect market, analyst, finance, study, journal, consulting, news, data intelligence, law & valuation reports

Strong document security for research providers with copy, print & expiry controls

Locklizard document DRM security has found wide acceptance in the high value report markets for preventing authorized recipients from:

  • forwarding them to other people
  • printing them to PDF files
  • editing and changing content
  • copying and pasting information

In addition we display and enforce permanent watermarks that identify the actual license holder.  This does not prevent recipients from distributing printed copies, but having them named as the source is a strong deterrent to otherwise uncontrolled copying.

Since many specialist reports are regularly updated and users take out subscriptions (although they may also take one-off copies of other reports) the Locklizard concept of the publication is invaluable in simplifying administration and control.  Subscription users are given access to a ‘publication’ which is the current report series, and any later copies are added to the publication.  Then when a new report in the series is produced, it is added to the publication, and all users of the publication automatically get access.  The users subscription dates can be managed in their user record, so that they will automatically expire, but they will continue to have access to reports that have been produced during their subscription.  And their subscription can be cancelled if that becomes necessary.

Overall Locklizard provides a very powerful administration and copy protection scheme that can be readily integrated with a web site sales system where that level of sales automation is required for delivering your analyses automatically to market.

Locklizard’s document security for research providers ensures that reports are only used by authorized users and cannot be illegallally distributed, copied and shared.  Our document security software provides strong protection against revenue loss using encryption and DRM controls, and persistently protects reports  regardless of where they are located.  Expire reports after a certain time period or number of uses and instantly revoke access at any time.  Stop document sharing, printing and copying.

  Protect research data & reports, study data, research methods & market research reports

Research reports are normally only made available to limited distribution groups, and tight control over document use is essential to prevent data leakage, sharing and theft.

Locklizard document DRM security enables you to distribute research data and reports securely with confidence that:

  • documents cannot be forwarded to unauthorized users
  • documents cannot be modified or misrepresented
  • documents can be locked to specific locations to ensure they are not compromised by BYOD use
  • documents can only be viewed for a limited period of time
  • documents cannot be printed (unless you specifically allow this)
  • document use can be tracked and logged
  • documents can be instantly revoked
Best ways to protect research data

While document encryption products protect against unauthorized access, once an authorized user has been given access they can do what they like with the document.

Locklizard document DRM locks documents to authorized devices so they cannot be shared, and provides complete control over document use, enabling you to protect research data and sell research reports securely regardless of where they reside.  You can easily secure and destroy data for research – research data can be automatically expired after a period of time or number of uses and instantly revoked so it can no longer be accessed.

We provide the strongest possible document security and copy protection for market research & consulting service providers and research data analysts, preventing IPR theft and document misuse.


PDF password protection provides no security

  1. users can share passwords and therefore your ‘protected’ PDF files
  2. passwords are easily removed with password recovery software
  3. Adobe PDF permissions (stop copy, print etc.) can be removed without using any tools in seconds
  4. once the user has the password they can unprotect the PDF and do what they like with it

“We purchased Safeguard PDF Security to secure PDF files and control access and un-authorised use.  We now have greater control on who/how our material is accessed when distributed around the world, including limiting the number of prints and using expiry controls to manage subscriptions.

We would recommend Locklizard to other companies.

Safeguard PDF Security does what it says – it provides a manageable, cost effective uncomplicated way to protect PDF documents, your investment.”

Why Locklizard to protect reports & analyses / secure research reports & data?

Locklizard enables you protect research data & sell reports securely: stop sharing, protect against piracy & theft

  • Device & location locking

    Locklizard document security enables you to protect reports regardless of where they are stored or who they are sent to.

    • Automatically locks reports to authorized devices to stop users sharing your reports with others
    • Control the number of devices your reports can be viewed on
    • Optionally lock use to locations (country and/or IP locations)

    Locklizard picks up device and location information when a user activates their license so you don’t need to know or enter this information.

  • DRM Controls

    Our comprehensive range of DRM controls ensure you are always in control over how your reports are used.

    • Stop screen grabbing
    • Stop printing, allow unlimited printing, or limit the number of prints
    • Stops printing to file drivers (i.e. a PDF printer) if printing is allowed
    • Expire reports after a number of days use, views, prints, or on a fixed date
    • Revoke access to reports instantly (regardless of where they are) if a chargeback is made or information is found to be incorrect
  • Dynamic Watermarks

    If you want to allow printing then you can apply dynamic watermarks to deter photocopying and subsequent distribution.  User and system information is automatically inserted and displayed at print time to identify the user.

    You only have to secure your report once for all users rather than having to secure reports individually for each user in order to display unique user information (name, email, etc.).

  • No Passwords

    No passwords or codes for users to enter and share with others.  Keys are transparently and securely transferred to authorized devices and locked to those devices.

    Why you should not password protect PDF files.

  • Secure Reports easily

    Locklizard enables you to protect reports simply and securely:

    • Protect reports (PDF) by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer.
    • Secure reports on your local computer – no uploading of unprotected files to a server where they could be easily compromised.
    • Distribute secure reports just like any other file – upload them to a cloud server, your web site, send by email or distribute on CD, USB, etc.  Only users you have authorized can view your reports so it does not matter who has access to them.
    • Manage users and course access via our web-based administration system.
    • Automate report protection with command line encryption, and user management & access with our API tools.  No manual intervention is required.
  • Cost Savings

    No charges per report or recipient – just a one off fee for unlimited reports and users.

Locklizard takes protection of your reports seriously with total document security and copy protection for market research, data intelligence and consulting service providers.  Share or sell reports securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Protect research data from unauthorized use and misuse.  Our DRM technology ensures your reports remain safe no matter where they reside with US Gov Strength encryption, licensing, and DRM controls.  Document content is decrypted in memory and no temporary files are used.

Read our customer testimonials and case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard Document DRM to secure research data and securely sell reports – protect reports from piracy, sharing, copying, misrepresentation and theft.

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