pdf browser security

PDF DRM Security for the Web

Safeguard Web Publisher

Secure web publishing for PDF files

Safeguard Web Publisher enables you to publish protected PDF documents (PDC files) to the Web so they can be viewed by users in a browser.

Users do not need to install any software to view your protected PDF files.  Documents are securely published to a web server so you don’t need to worry about additional document distribution methods, and your secure documents are always available online so can be instantly revoked.

Safeguard Web Publisher is an additional add-on that enables you to publish PDC files (PDF files protected with Safeguard) for use with Safeguard Web Viewer – a browser based Viewer that does not require installation.

Web Publisher optimizes PDC files for use in a browser environment, and uploads them to a cloud server so they can be accessed with Safeguard Web Viewer.

Steps to publish Protected PDF Files (PDC) Files to the Web

1.  Select the PDC files you want to protect to the Web.  On pressing the ‘Publish All’ button the protected PDFs are uploaded to a web server.

2.  From the Safeguard administration system, select what users can use the Web Viewer and the documents they can access.

3.  Users receive an email with information on how to log into the Web Viewer.

4. Users log into the Web Viewer via their browser to view the protected PDF files they have been authorized to use.

5.  Users click on a protected PDF document to open it.

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