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Small Publishers

A smaller publisher may have a large number of documents and/or a large number of customers, but tends to deal with customers on a one-by-one basis.  If you regularly need to treat customers in groups rather than as individuals, and/or need to allocate selections of documents rather than one-offs, see PDF Security for Large Publishers which may be more helpful.

Safeguard PDF Security can protect your ebooks and digital magazines simply and effectively.  You can be up and running in under 5 minutes and easily integrate with your web site.  If your business grows and you want to automate the sending of license files (required to view your secure ebooks) then you can simply expand by purchasing our ecommerce integration add-on.

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Large Publishers

A large publisher is anyone who is publishing one or more titles that appear daily, weekly or monthly, i.e. regular publications, and where their customers purchase subscriptions to publications that last for a period of time – e.g. financial reports, weekly or monthly magazines, product documentation & updates and documentation.

Using Safeguard PDF Security you can ensure that your ebooks, magazines, etc. are protected to meet your needs.  Ebooks for example may be set to never expire (unless you want to give away time limited editions), new editions of magazines to no longer be available when a subscription period ends, and customers to be unable to access back copies of magazines that they have not paid for.

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Internal Company Use


An enterprise is also a major publisher of information internally.  In most instances internal publications are similar to those of a book or magazine publisher, but with one very important difference – they are usually confidential documents or trade secrets that need to be protected.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM can lock documents to specific devices and IP addresses so they cannot be used outside of the workplace (e.g. a user can be authorized to use secure documents on a laptop while they are at the office, but not from any other locations), and enable secure document sharing with third parties.  Safeguard can also be used to control departmental use of information, and for ensuring compliance.

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Internal Company Use – Board Documents

Protecting board documents can be a critical component of any business.  But sharing documents securely with board members should not necessarily involve IT personnel – in fact in most cases it is important they are not privy to confidential information as leakage could affect business operation.

Using Safeguard PDF Security you can ensure that highly sensitive documents are only made available to specific individuals, document views and prints can be logged to provide proof of use, and documents automatically set to expire when they should no longer be used.  With Safeguard Web Publisher it is easy to setup a secure document sharing portal where board members can login via their browser to view documents they are authorized to use without having to install any Viewer software.

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Selling Documents Securely


Whether you are a small or large publisher, selling documents securely online can be a real challenge.  Selling digital documents may provide both cost and time savings, but they are simple to replicate and distribute and therefore can be easily shared and pirated.  This can have a serious impact on your income and bottom line.

Locklizard enables you to sell PDF documents online securely, protecting your digital documents from copying, sharing, theft and piracy.  There are no useless passwords or one-time download links to worry about, and document protection is always enforced regardless of where your documents reside.

Protected PDF files can be uploaded to your web site (they can only be opened by authorized users), and you can integrate Safeguard PDF Security with your ecommerce system for instant access.

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Protect & Control your Intellectual Property

Protect confidential, sensitive & revenue generating documents

Locklizard Document Security is used by publishers selling information to the public (ebooks, reports, magazines, etc.) and internally by corporations to protect confidential documents and/or liaise securely with third parties.

Ensure only authorized intended parties can access documents and retain full control over the use of your intellectual property regardless of where it is located.

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