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We are one of the leading DRM providers, offering solutions to effectively protect your PDF documents, training courses, and digital content.

End User Support

Locklizard does NOT provide direct end user support for our free Viewer software.

  • If the solution to the problem you are experiencing is not here, or you need an additional Viewer license, then contact the company you purchased protected documents/ebooks from.  We do NOT have access to Publisher administration systems.
  • Document controls are set by the Publisher and not Locklizard.

A general help page is available here:

Publisher Support

  • If you have a support agreement then email support.
  • If you are evaluating, or purchased our DRM software in the last 30 days, please contact your sales account manager.
  • To log bugs use our bug report form.

Support hours:

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm EST


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Support for publishers
  1. Support is ONLY provided to Locklizard customers (publishers) who have purchased support and those evaluating our DRM products.
  2. Publishers receive 30 days of free email support from the software purchase date.
  3. The support service is provided by EMAIL only – a telephone based support service is not currently available.  Support requests may be made by any of the Administrators of supported application(s).
  4. The target response time is within one business day of receiving the support request.   Critical requests may be addressed as urgent, and will be reviewed by Locklizard to determine the speed of response that will be provided.
  5. Our support service covers the operation of the Writer and Viewer applications, and, where Locklizard are providing the hosting service, the operation of the Administration system.
  6. You are welcome to link to our Viewer support page which provides useful information for end users.
Support for end users
  1. Our DRM support service and maintenance contracts are only provided to publishers and not to their customers (end users using the free Secure Viewer software), or third parties.
  2. End user support issues must be handled through the publisher and logged by the publisher to our support team.
  3. Publisher’s customers (end users) are however provided free access to the Locklizard Knowledgebase, which is publicly available.
Software updates
  1. All publishers are provided with access to updates to the Release of the Writer/Administrator that was originally purchased.  Updates are provided by Locklizard by making an update to the Writer/Administration system available for electronic download from one of their web sites.  The release and availability of updates will also be announced by Locklizard and the registered contact for the publisher account will normally also be notified by email.
  2. There is no fixed schedule for providing updates.  The Writer application is programmed to offer a check for an available update every 7 days, and will ask user permission to carry out an update if one is available.  Publishers should evaluate the suitability of implementing a Writer update before making any changes to their operational systems.  Publishers should be aware that the introduction of an updated Writer application may require their customers to update existing Viewers in order to handle updates and corrections
  3. Locklizard Viewer applications programs are regularly updated by Locklizard to incorporate error corrections and to add new features and capabilities.  Viewer updates are made available for automatic download for all Viewer users without the need for intervention by publishers.
Own Server hosting
  1. Locklizard will support Writer and Viewer problems under this support agreement.  Any other problems reported with own server implementations will only be investigated by Locklizard Support on a time and materials basis.  Separate details of this service are available on request.
  2. Where publishers are hosting their own Administration servers, if they have a support agreement, updates to the Administration server scripts and database structures will be made available, together with release notes, for their own implementation.  To be eligible for free upgrades to the latest release, support must have been purchased every year since the initial installation of the software.  If you purchase support at a later date you have to pay to upgrade your installation to the current version before future free upgrades become available.
  3. Installing upgrades is the responsibility of the Publisher.  If you want Locklizard to install upgrades, you must purchase our installation services.
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