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Locklizard Reviews: IPR Protection and Secure Document Sharing

So why do thousands of companies purchase our document DRM security software?

We like to think it is because our DRM products are simple to use, provide the best available copy protection in the marketplace today, cost less than our competitors, and are backed up by outstanding technical support.

But don’t take our word for it, see what companies that have implemented our ebook DRM and PDF security products and software have to say about us:

We use Safeguard Enterprise to securely share files within our organization.  The ability to secure and expire documents gives us control over our IP, and comfort and confidence that our information is not shared.

The secure PDF writer tool is easy to use but feature rich.  The implementation was quick and simple and the uptake and feedback has been positive.  Locklizard’s PDF protection is exactly as described – the features are highly effective and there are very few issues reported by our users.  As a product I would give it 5 stars.

I would recommend Locklizard to other companies.  It is simple, fit for purpose.  It meets common needs of businesses who have information they want to protect.

We would recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies for its security, cost and ease of use.  It does what we expected it to do and more.

Ease of use came as a bonus and the implementation went very well – much easier than we would have thought.  The product manual is excellent and Locklizard staff are very accommodating.

We have done business with Locklizard for many years.  We are impressed by their PDF document security products, but, most of all, we are impressed with their swift and excellent service.  It has gone far beyond what we ever expected.  It seems that size doesn’t matter when it comes to fantastic customer service.

As educational publishers who sell their highly valued product in an open and competitive marketplace, it was important to us to ensure we had a highly effective PDF DRM security software which would protect our digital rights post-customer purchase.

We researched numerous companies and products currently available, and tested many items.  We eventually decided on Locklizard in light of a number of reasons.  Mostly we were impressed with the strong level of document security protection, covering various aspects from basic file copying and computer transfer, to more advanced techniques such as “print to pdf” prevention, and even screengrab protection.  Before finalizing our purchase, Locklizard offered us a free trial with full features so we could assess the complete benefits and value, which was invaluable and helped us make our easy decision.

The Locklizard staff were fully knowledgeable about the product as well as the digital security industry as a whole.  We were impressed by their attention to detail and their constant drive to update their PDF DRM software to change dynamically as technological advances developed, so as to maintain a complete security service.

Overall, we would highly recommend Locklizard to other companies interested in protecting their digital rights – they are a highly professional company with a competitive and professional PDF Security product.

We would absolutely recommend both Locklizard as a company, and Safeguard PDF Security.  It has transformed our study materials to the next level.  Not only did this increase sales, but we also believe that it has increased our customers’ ability to learn, which is even more important!  We hunted high and low for the best solution and Locklizard is certainly the top of the line.

Overall, LockLizard has met all our expectations and provided the solution we needed to continue to guarantee the best study material we can for our customers.  Not only are we confident that our user experience has dramatically increased, we also feel more secure that our content is securely protected.

Locklizard is the clear leader in the field for document protection.  The ease of use by customers and the effectiveness of their PDF DRM product is definitely the best.  However, we would add Locklizard sales and support teams as one of the best features of Locklizard.  The teams are extremely knowledgeable and responsive.  The attention to customer satisfaction meets the same standards that we have for our customers.

Our company would without reservation recommend Locklizard.  Their document DRM security software opens up delivery of our new products in a timely fashion while knowing that the content of those products will remain secure.

The return on investment to our company has been immediately evident.

We use Safeguard PDF Security to secure PDF documents which are available for purchase by member agencies.  Some of the PDF reports contain sensitive information that require security measures to ensure the documents aren’t shared easily within the industry and Locklizard was the best product out of the many we evaluated to achieve this.

We would recommend Locklizard Safeguard to other companies that need to protect PDF reports.  Staff at our member agencies can access documents using a Single Sign On that provides immediate, secure access to content they’ve purchased or should see based on specific business rules.  With the use of the API and the ability for our customers to access the PDF documents using their existing login credentials, they have found the process of accessing the protected documents to be seamless.  The API was seamless to implement and the documentation was easy to follow.  Technical support has been very responsive to request for help.

We chose Safeguard PDF Security because it provided us the functionalities we needed at the best price.  Before Safeguard, there was no ECM and only the paper version of the documents could be consulted by our employees.

We made a comparison with other PDF DRM software but Safeguard PDF Security was the most complete and affordable one.  The simplicity of use is an important asset.  Also, the multiple functions to prevent the document from being copied such as “prevent from the use of screen grabbing software” is very useful.

We use almost all the functions available of the product, but the main ones are: no copy, no save as, prevent the use of screen grabbing software, and check authorization each time the document is opened – these functions are used to make sure that the documents cannot be opened outside our local network and from a unauthorized computer in order to copy or print the documents.

We have used the technical support only within the first few days (during the installation period) and the reactivity and efficacy were remarkable.

To get permission to distribute chapter files and journal articles from multiple publishers, the GARP Digital Library had to convince the publishers that their material would be well-protected and not easily distributed beyond the original customer.  The Safeguard PDF Security system matched our requirements for data security and copy protection nicely, allowing us to encrypt our reading files as needed to restrict distribution and printing.

We have been pleased with the responsive support from Locklizard technical support staff and their willingness to enhance their PDF DRM software and administration system to meet our requirements.

The GARP Digital Library now securely distributes more than 800 reading files to over 10,000 customers globally.

I found locklizard to be excellent software for our proof of concept to deliver our print content (yearbooks) as secure PDF documents.

What your software did do, was help convince our leadership that it was possible to deliver our content in a secure offline format, which is something they were skeptical of, based on their understanding of old tech, and some bad experiences with PDF piracy.

We would recommend  Safeguard Enterprise to other companies – for PDF encryption and control it ticks all the boxes.  It is simple to use, cost effective and the support function is very good.

Setting up new customers takes no time at all, and it is easy to find customers when we have queries on orders.  The protection of documents is also very quick and easy.

The feedback from our customers was good in terms of the success of implementation on their end which meant less administration on our end.

Locklizard has provided us with an easy way to protect our membership documents, controlling expiry, editing, and printing rights.

We have seen a reduction in staff time needing to be spent on this line of work, which in turn has saved us money as an organization.  It has also given us more credibility in the PDF contract product space.

We use Safeguard for the protection of our ebooks and educational materials.  It has enabled us to open new markets and product lines and improve our sales.

The product does exactly what we expected.  It is reliable, the user experience has been great, and the implementation went very smoothly.

We would recommend Locklizard to other companies.  Their team is really professional and aftersales support is excellent.

Settling on Locklizard document DRM was an easy decision.  The PDF security product is simple to use, the implementation very very easy, and the technical support is very responsive and helpful.

Their PDF DRM product best met our needs to secure book content for use by the visually impaired.

Overall we are very happy with the security the product provides and glad we settled on Locklizard.

We have invested heavily in the development of high quality training material for a broad range of aircraft and needed to protect our assets.  We researched a number of companies for a simple effective method to secure our material in this digital age and selected Locklizard.  Lock lizard’s Safeguard PDF Security provides easy distribution of our material with a strong level of security but has minimal impact upon our customers.

We recently upgraded to the latest version and have found the improvements to the interface and the additional administration capabilities extremely beneficial and are currently considering use of the zero installation USB Viewer and iPAD developments to extend the flexibility further.

We would recommend Locklizard to other companies without hesitation.  Their PDF DRM products provide a manageable, cost effective way to protect intellectual investment and they are always looking for ways to improve them.  Moreover, their staff provide an excellent level of support.

When our young company needed to suddenly convert from print to a digital delivery system, we searched and searched for a company that could provide true document security and would also work with both PC’s and Macs.  Because we were new to the digital world, we needed an encryption product that wouldn’t have a huge learning curve, and yet had customizable features that would serve our customers.  Finally, we needed a company with whom we could communicate.

It was amazing to us how inscrutable the websites and support teams of some expensive (and initially attractive) DRM encryption programs were.  These did not respond to our urgent calls or emails for explanations as to whether their products would meet our needs.  Locklizard responded quickly, offered a free trial so that our technical department could quickly assess whether their PDF DRM  product would meet our needs, and even offered a 30-day payment window so we could get up and rolling with no delays.

As we negotiated our learning curve, we were pleased to find that the LockLizard customer support team was very quick to respond and (an added benefit) very personable.

Thank you, Locklizard!  You have been great to work with and we look forward to years of teamwork together!

We would really recommend the Locklizard Safeguard PDF Security solution to every publishing company for managing their ePubs or e-books securely.

Before using this PDF DRM product we were mainly worried about our valuable data, unauthorized use & data piracy.  But after implementing this product we have overcome all those issues and managing our e-books has become an easy task.

The Locklizard PDF Security solution has an easy to use interface to secure PDF files, and it is simple to distribute them to our authorized customers only.  Also the prompt response and less turnaround time form Locklizard sales team provided a good customer support experience.

The need was to distribute our PDF documents in a way that provided control over document expiration, prevented use on more than one computer, and blocked printing and screen capture.  After considering several suppliers for digital rights management, we conducted a trial of Safeguard PDF Security.

From the beginning, we liked knowing the product pricing options, and being able to read the product manuals, prior to making the purchasing decision.  We made several attempts to circumvent the described protections, and the Secure PDF Viewer software defeated all of them.

Their PDF DRM software performs exactly as described, and is very easy to use.

Both Marketing and Service Support at Locklizard have been outstanding.  It has been a pleasure dealing with the people at Locklizard.

We quickly recovered our costs and have reached markets we never could have before.

Thank you for the great document DRM security product.  Safeguard is the best PDF security product and it works great.

The ROI on our Safeguard PDF Security ebook program has taken us into areas of the world and among people groups we could have never reached before with printed versions of our resources.

Our authors rest easy knowing their books are not being illegally distributed, and this alone is attracting new authors to our publication division.

Finally, the reduction in labor to authorize a new customer on the Locklizard servers and send them an ebook is seconds compared to the time required to pick, pack, ship, and track a package of printed books.

Our E-Books on Demand project at Symantec has grown to wondrous proportions, thanks to your Locklizard PDF DRM products.

Locklizard Safeguard PDF Security is simple to administer and meets TSD’s needs.  It is a tool for consistently delivering secured manuals to our customer base with ease.

Return on investment has been elimination of man hours, printing resources and postage – it is estimated that costs decreased by 50% or more.

We recommend Locklizard PDF DRM Security to other companies.

Truth be told, the single most compelling advantage of Locklizard to us is the mind-blowing nimbleness of your PDF DRM solution with virtual students.

We can cut accounts for a user five minutes before his class starts and voilà, he is ready to go.  Happy smiling customer, while we still have security and personalized watermarking.  That is a big win over here at Qlik and has been very well received.

I have immense respect for the product and feel that Locklizard as a company looks at customer satisfaction with much more than the typical lip service that is so common in the marketplace.

We have been looking for years to find a software company that would allow us to securely sell our eBooks.  Locklizard offers so many options, we are able to fill the needs of all of our customers.  We have used other software providers that had promised the security of our eBooks but they never lived up to that promise the way that Lock Lizard has.

While the security options have provided problems for some of our customers, it has been minimal and the support we received has been outstanding.  They are very responsive to our requests and go the extra mile to ensure our customers have access.

I would recommend Lock Lizard if you are looking for secure PDFs.  They were exactly what we needed.

Very mind blowing ebook security from Locklizard.  LockBook.org has steadily engaged their copy protection technology into our chain of copy protection technologies to capture the majority of the African Publishing Industry by helping local authors to protect their revenue with legal access for digital document distribution.

We would like to give our seal of our approval to anyone looking to adopt LockLizard as a panacea to stemming the tide of the menace worldwide caused by ebook piracy which in some of its many forms are plagiarism, local outlaw reproduction of fast moving titles, abuse of publication rights, hi-circumventing the e-book version, illegal reprography, unauthorized excessive production by printers, and translation without permission.

Locklizard applications are cross-platform and their sales, account and support team work unanimously for customer satisfaction.  They are also generous to provide 15-days demo and evaluation period so we could try the software before purchasing to make sure it was right for our business.

We endorse Locklizard as we are sure that their added extra security to our technology will strongly help with our mission to revitalize authors and the African Publishing industy.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by your document security product.

I write GCSE revision books which I sell online.  I was looking for a way to protect my product and prevent unauthorised distribution and came across Locklizard.  After purchasing Safeguard PDF security and working with Proexe (to integrate into my shopping cart), the whole system works flawlessly (and has since December 2018).

My customers love it and appreciate the fact that I can alter their order (for example authorising more prints) from my end.

So thanks again for providing such a great product that does exactly what it promises.

We would certainly recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies.

Locklizard PDF DRM allows an easy solution to maintaining document control with minimal software license expenditure.

Proprietary documents are not misplaced or forwarded to the wrong individuals – you cannot place a value on that.

We purchased Safeguard PDF Security to secure PDF files and control access and un-authorised use.  We now have greater control on who/how our material is accessed when distributed around the world, including limiting the number of prints and using expiry controls to manage subscriptions.

We would recommend Locklizard to other companies.

Safeguard PDF Security does what it says – it provides a manageable, cost effective uncomplicated way to protect pdf documents, your investment.

I have worked with your Locklizard PDF security system for many years and I dearly love the product.

I wish to say that I am a big fan of your software and would be very willing to offer a strong commendation on any platform you suggest.

Your support is excellent and your product does exactly what it says.

We would be happy to recommend Locklizard to any company needing a flexible way to secure PDF files.

Safeguard PDF Security has provided us with a very workable solution to the need to share certain information in a secure fashion.

The support has been excellent and your customer service people very accommodating.

We chose Safeguard PDF Security primarily for its ability to protect our PDF ebooks from being copied, printed, and shared and from being accessed beyond the amount of time purchased by customers.  Affordability and ease of use were also factors.

The implementation went great, very few problems.

Locklizard support was responsive and flexible.  In every instance, they listened to our needs and supported us in every way.

eSafePublishing is pleased to recommend Locklizard PDF DRM security.  User friendly online digital deliveries with such a high degree of security is a remarkable advancement.

Locklizard has been most responsive to our needs, and extremely supportive of our staff and outside service people incorporating this new technology into the eSafePublishing system.

Working with the people at Locklizard has been a very good experience.

Safeguard PDF Security was exactly the type of solution that we had been looking for – simple way to protect our electronic publications that are being sold to customers, while maintaining control over the documents.

Ease of use, different possibilities in terms of setting up the watermarks, etc., excellent customer service and pre-sales support, all contributed to an easy purchase decision.

Safeguard is a cost-effective document security product that provides high security for our lesson plan books preventing them from being distributed and used without our knowledge.

After Sales Support is great and the functionality provided by Safeguard PDF security completely fulfils our needs.

Locklizard have provided an excellent Enterprise PDF Security product that has given us the tools to create and help our clients.

The security and implementation makes things easy from our point of view and help supply a quality solution.  The speed and ease of adding the security to ecourses has meant that we can turn them around very quickly and get them to market.

Most clients seem to be able to read the secure documents within minutes of purchasing the eCourse, and many have commented that the readability of the documents is far easier in the Locklizard protected PDF format than the Flash version we implemented before.

I have been in regular contact with the support team at Locklizard for a number of years now with all my queries and requests.

When I look back, I now very much appreciate how you have ALWAYS PROMPTLY replied to my requests and offered technical support which has helped me to better understand the PDF security product which we both work with.

Without your ongoing support I would not have been able to utilise and use your PDF DRM product to the level I can today.  Thanks for all your help it is much appreciated that I can call on you and get a quick response to my requests.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Our company chose Protector Web Content Security because it’s the only software that we found that was simple, yet powerful enough to secure our online training videos with.

Lizard Protector DRM gave us the freedom from managing passwords, and worrying about those passwords being passed around, or even resold.

Unlike other software companies that can only protect your videos when hosted on their servers (still using passwords and charging their clients additional fees for storage of their files and bandwidth used), Lizard Protector allowed us the complete freedom to store our files anywhere.

Locklizard has provided our company with outstanding Technical Support.  Most of our correspondence has been via email and they have answered every single one of them professionally and in detail.  On the rare occasions that I did call them they were there and very friendly to talk to.  They seemed to really care about my business’s success.

Safeguard PDF DRM is used as our core IT solution for our e-books delivery and protection.

The server side is really good (ecommerce integration, command line encryption and server administration).

We hope to take a strong share on the rapidly growing e-books market in Russia whilst protecting our revenue streams.

Safeguard PDF Security gave us the best mix of price and PDF content security compared to other DRM providers.

We managed to implement it in a very short time due to the fact that we we chose the perpetual license hosted on Locklizard servers so no major implementation was required.

Safeguard PDF DRM has allowed our organization to make available its content in electronic format, creating a complete offering to our customers.

We have been pleased with the response of both the sales team and support.

After a year of being a signed up to Enterprise PDF Security, I have to say I am really happy with the product and I am really pleased with the level and responsiveness of the support we have received.

We have had relatively few issues with clients and this has mostly been around admin rights and overzealous IT departments.

I would recommend Locklizard highly for both product and customer service – which is excellent.

Changing to Locklizard has literally improved my life as I do not have anything like the issues I was having before with FileOpen PDF DRM.

We chose Safeguard PDF Security for its effective protection features, good support, and extensive documentation.

We use it to protect internal documents, clients’ documents and educational materials we have prepared or which have been licensed to us by third parties.

We would recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies for its cost effectiveness of the product, great support from the Locklizard team (the support response has been prompt, even during weekends) and the product seems to do what it says.

We produced a web site for the Australian College of Operating Nurses (ACORN) with a digital shop selling standards documents protected using Locklizard document security software.  The project and Locklizard integration work can be found in our blog post.

Since going live the site has received several hundred orders, and this has worked very well so far.  ACORN recently had a major conference and as part of that they set up a stand to sell their standards – they set up multiple iPads and processed many sales this way.  They also were able to set up Locklizard on their iPads to demo their product – they felt very cutting edge.  The Locklizard PDF DRM app for iOS and Android did a really nice job of displaying the PDF standards – I thought it was worth mentioning this as it’s something ACORN were very pleased to discover.

This project has been very successful and we are now looking for more.

Safeguard PDF Security is extremely easy to use and has given us more control over our intellectual property.

We chose Safeguard PDF Security based on a combination of the suite of features offered and the cost of this service.

Great communication, from Sales, from Accounts, not just email communication but clear, unambiguous product brochures and online support database, along with a prompt technical support service made Locklizard a clear winner.

We have had considerable success using your document DRM technology.

I do appreciate the time you have put into Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM.  Using other document DRM programs in the past, a worldwide implementation of this is sometimes met with resistance as the programs are not very universal and if they are too difficult for the end-user, it makes for a bad relationship all around.  So I have to say my clients have seemed to do well with this and I’ve been met with very minimal problems that I couldn’t seem to get resolved in one way or another.

You guys answer very quickly for a support team and I appreciate it especially given the time zone difference with not only us but my clients as well.

Keep up the wonderful work and I’ll look forward to any new updates you come up with.

We are very glad that we did not try to write a secure PDF viewer in-house – Locklizard is great!  This new version proves it once again.

Thank you very much for the prompt resolution, you have demonstrated once again why Locklizard is the only choice for secure document publication!

I’ve been meaning to email you about the Admin page updates with the new menu structure and document search – these are awesome new capabilities and I’m really pleased!  Keep up the great work, it’s great to see new and exciting stuff so often from Locklizard.

And thanks so much for all your help, your support is marvelous.

We would recommend Locklizard document DRM software without hesitation.  Their combination of features, support and price is unmatched.

We use Safeguard PDF Security to secure company performance documents that are posted on our intranet.

It’s a great tool for any organization and less expensive than other solutions out there.

Tech support has been quick to reply and very helpful.

Safeguard PDF Security has helped enforce our copyrights and limited file sharing between customers and non-customers.

The implementation was smooth and painless and the PDF DRM product is easy to use.

Technical support has been prompt and helpful in their responses.

Congratulations on superb customer service replies were quick and to the point.

The manual is user-friendly and easy to understand.  I usually try things first and read the manual later – in this case the reading was very straight forward.

Well done you were all fantastic – we are now up and running and have been so well supported.  It is such a relief to be able to protect our PDFs.

Locklizard has the best PDF DRM system, with the most protection, for our e-commerce system and customers.

We wanted to have a seamless document security system that would work with our checkout cart without requiring any action from us.  We wanted our publishers to feel secure that their products would be protected, and we did not want our customers to have to wait to access the products they purchased.  Locklizard achieved this for us.

By using Safeguard PDF DRM we are immediately cutting the costs of distributing by printing and mailing.  In that sense the software pays for itself quickly.

We needed a reasonably foolproof mechanism for delivering e-book versions of our participant handbooks while not compromising on security and digital rights.

Safeguard PDF security is easy to use and intuitive.

The implementation was painless and we now have a greener, more secure way of distributing training manuals.

We have already recommended Locklizard PDF DRM security to other companies.

As the Cisco 360 Program Manager, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all of you at Locklizard support for the help you provided, including attending a web session with the customer.  I know it was out of the norm for your model, but your help made all the difference.  I truly appreciate all of you exceeding customer expectations in solving a problem caused by third party software.

I am a true fan of Locklizard!

I want you to know that we hold Locklizard in high regard, especially in terms of customer support.

You have always been responsive to our requests and have added capabilities to Locklizard that seem to especially meet our needs.

We have been very satisfied.

We would definitely recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies due to the fact that it is a simple system that does as it says.

I think that a company similar to us would be surprised at the revenue streams that it may open up.  It increased dramatically the potential revenue streams available to Contagious Communications.

We would recommend this PDF DRM product.

We use Locklizard DRM to distribute proprietary documents such as the business plan, etc. to internal interested parties.

Although we have not taken full advantage of Locklizard Safeguard PDF Security yet as we are still in startup mode, we have found it fairly easy to use and our account rep and support was very accessible and helpful.

As of now, the product has worked as promised and we have had no major issues or complaints.

Top-notch support staff.

Quick to respond with all you need to get you up and running.  All of the emails I’ve sent them were answered the same day, with precise information to get me heading in the right direction.

Rob McMullen, Senior Web Developer, AIAG

Everything working well.

To be honest we don’t even think about the program, it just does what it’s meant to do!!

Your PDF Security product has help me achieve the goal of protecting our content as well as saving costs.

Safeguard PDF DRM was our no. 1 choice, and we are very pleased with our decision – we are very contented with your product in terms of reliability and stability.

I have already recommend Safeguard PDF Security to a number of my colleagues in the same educational industry.

The implementation was very smooth indeed.  We didn’t miss a beat – and were up and running the same day.

From a customer perspective our customers have not had any real issues with the project and all of them have been able to get their licenses registered and view protected PDF files.

Locklizard provides document security that works automatically, with minimal user involvement.

We’ve been using your PDF DRM software and we are very satisfied with it.

We now have over 700 registered customers.

Some good articles have been published in the leading IT magazines in Croatia about us and e-publishing and your software.

The PDF DRM service is working out really well for us.

The percentage of people that have problems is very small, and always easily remedied.

The added features are all really wonderful!

We have found very little resistance from our customers with regards to using Locklizard PDF DRM, and all problems that we have had thus far have been quite easily solved.

Overall our experience with Locklizard has been very positive, and has met our needs perfectly.

The ROI for us is incalculable.  We have the security of knowing that our proprietary documents are secure.  This is the entire value of our company.

I would most certainly recommend your PDF security product to my colleagues and I have already.

The ease with which I was able to implement your PDF DRM product in to our company was surprising.

The implementation was really simple.  We didn’t even need any training.

Only three people were used for the web development integration, all of whom are Korean and who cannot read English well.  But every developer could easily integrate Locklizard PDF DRM into our current web system.  They said it was a piece of cake.

The implementation went very well.  The product is easy to use and we can now sell our manuals without the need to print them first, saving time and money and also most importantly contributing to safeguarding the environment.

The customer service is very efficient and Locklizard support quickly solved any problems our customers experienced.

We would recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies – it is the perfect solution to sell and send e-documents whilst making sure someone cannot copy them.

Critical benefits for us have been stopping easy distribution of our proprietary information and our customer’s confidential information, particularly to our competitors.  We consider the confidential nature of our business to be of key importance.

We have been very satisfied by the support service.

We LOVE your PDF DRM software.

It works beautifully and the new features make it even better!

Your professionalism and quick response to our concerns is why we chose Locklizard in the first place and you continue to provide excellent service.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your advice and assistance.  I truly appreciate the great support you offer for this document security product!

Enterprise PDF DRM is a great application and the USG employees who use your service are satisfied with it.

We now have 15 different publications with over 160,000 documents that 430 customers can access.

We want to thank you – for the great document security products Locklizard offers and the A+ support we receive from you and the Locklizard staff.

I must once again tell you all that your PDF security product is very well made and the interface is excellent!

Our ebook sales are really taking off and our customers like them a lot.

We chose Locklizard to secure our PDFs because it was the best fit for our application and cost.

We evaluated many other document DRM products but felt that Locklizard was better.

We expect this to provide a new way of sharing our knowledge with customers.

Everyone here is thoroughly impressed with this tremendous PDF DRM product.

I like the ease of use of the Safeguard Secure PDF Writer and the Publication / Document hierarchy.

The new options view only, and online resetting of print allowance and view allowance are great.

I am very happy with LockLizard support.  Responses are swift and professional, and usually immediately solving the problem.  I feel very supported.

I really like your bookmark panel behaviour in your secure PDF viewer – way better than the Adobe implementation.  The tree behaviour with all items compressed is far more intuitive to me and I believe will be liked by my end users.

I like your document DRM tools – they’re very easy to work with and operate as claimed – great job!

The person who is really to be recognized is Jane Compton, Locklizard Support, who was there when needed and had good suggestions… all very late in their day.

Her response was what allowed us to satisfy our customer.  (Thanks again, Jane!)

This is a very quick note to express my gratitude to Tom Halliday on the Locklizard support team for working late and solving an issue I had on registering a customers license on a machine.  He promised me he would try to replicate the issue on his test kit and get back to me as soon as possible.  As promised he contacted me the next day and provided the solution which worked exactly as promised.

It is very reassuring to have the backing of a professional company like Locklizard, and I am so pleased I went with their products when I was initially evaluating PDF DRM security software.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the document DRM software so far and find it to be the perfect solution for our needs.

We have been very satisfied with the previous Version 2 and are excited to experience improvements to your Version 3 software.

Thank you for developing an excellent document security product!

Locklizard have been a shining example of how any business should address customer relations and you are an inspiration to us!

We have been very happy with your PDF DRM software, service and support.

The support you provided to us was superb!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Thank you for all your help with my queries.  I really appreciate your prompt and helpful replies.

We have been very pleased with the level of service provided by Locklizard and would certainly recommend it to others.

Just want to let you know that I am very impressed with the customer support you guys have.

Thanks for the great and quick responses, excellent support.

As always, thank you very much for your always very prompt, very patient, and very courteous assistance.

I know that the university has paid for one year of support but for you to send a patch a few hours before midnight is quite unbelievable.  Thank you, we are grateful.

Your support team are doing a great job and we are very happy with your Enterprise PDF DRM software.

Excellent document security.  Excellent PDF DRM product.  Good support.  Thank you very much for the quick response.