document drm awards

Document DRM Awards

Document DRM Security leader

  Locklizard recognized as the industry leader for Document DRM Security

We are delighted to have been honored with several Industry Awards by security and technology analysts reflecting our innovative work for document protection and customer satisfaction.  Awards have been received for Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise PDF DRM, and our outstanding customer service and support.

2021/20 Document Security Awards

  1. Top 10 Government Solution Providers 2021
  2. Top 10 Security companies to watch 2021 – The CEO Views
  3. Finance Online – Great User Experience 2021
  4. 10 Best Security Solution Providers 2021 – Industry Tech Outlook
  5. Government CIO Outlook Magazine: Top 10 Security Solution providers
  6. Best in Digital Rights Management Security (UK) – M&A Today
  7. 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2020 – Industry Era Review
  8. 10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2020 – Industry Tech Outlook
  9. Top 10 Healthcare Security Solution Providers 2020 – Healthcare Tech Outlook

2019/18 Document Security Awards

  1. Government CIO Outlook Magazine: Top 10 Security Solution providers
  2. Top 10 Security Solution providers – Education Technology Insights
  3. Top 10 Encryption Solution providers – Enterprise Security Magazine
  4. Best in Digital Rights Management Security – Lawyer International
  5. Best in Digital Rights Management Security UK – The Global Venture
  6. Top 20 IoT Solution Providers – Enterprise Viewpoint
  7. Most prominent Tech Company – Business Sight

2017 Document Security Awards

  1. Government CIO Outlook Magazine: Top 10 Security Solution providers
  2. Best PDF DRM Software Provider – International Software & Cloud Services Awards
  3. Most Outstanding DRM Security Company – Corporate Vision 2017 Global Excellence Awards
  4. 10 Best Government Technology Solution Providers of 2017 – Industry Era
  5. The 10 Best Performing Software Solution Providers, 2017
  6. Best in Digital Rights Management Security (UK) – Corporate USA Today

2016 Document Security Awards

  1. The Most Outstanding Digital Rights Management Software company in 2016: awarded by Acquisition International – The Voice of Corporate Finance
  2. The Best Digital Rights Management Software Company: TMT News 2016 Technology Awards
  3. A CyberSecurity Leader of 2016: Cyber Defence Magazine
  4. The winner of Best DRM Security Company: Wealth & Finance International’s UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2016
  5. A Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Provider: CIO Outlook – an annual listing of companies that are at the forefront of providing homeland security solutions and impacting the marketplace
  6. Best in Digital Rights Management Security: Softech International

  Award winning Document DRM Security

What makes Locklizard stand out from the crowd?

  • A simple to use document DRM solution with granular controls
  • The ability to securely exchange documents in different environments without demanding that you or your customers implement a specific infrastructure
  • Flexible pricing – no tie ins and one fixed price – there is no limit on the number of documents you can protect or the number of users that view them
  • The ability for Publishers to sell protected documents without having to know who the customer is first – the document only has to be protected once and access is assigned individually when purchased
  • Use of publications for subscription services – group protected documents into publications for easy access control.  Users with access to a publication can view all documents in that publication without you having to individually assign access to each document.
  • Dynamic watermarks – user identification and date/time stamp is automatically inserted at view/print time
  • Free secure PDF Viewers that do not rely on plugins or JavaScript, and that are not exposed to PDF application weaknesses
  • Zero installation browser and USB Viewers
  • Documents protected locally on your computer so they cannot be exposed to server hacks
  • Outstanding customer support – see our customer testimonials
  • A friendly company that cares about its customers and builds its products on customer feedback

Obviously we are very pleased to see our solutions and professionalism recognized by the global analyst forums as well as by our customers, and would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to nominate us.

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