DRM Security benefits

DRM Business Benefits

DRM Security Benefits – why implement DRM solutions?

Benefits of implementing DRM solutions & services

So how will implementing a Digital Rights Management service benefit your company?

Control of IPR, reduced publishing costs, ensuring compliance with business processes, and new revenue are just some of the advantages.

Locklizard document security software is used worldwide by information publishers either selling content or ensuring compliance, corporates protecting trade secrets, or providing a controlled method to share their information, and government agencies concerned over potential misuse of their information.

So what do companies use Locklizard for?

piracy protection

Piracy Protection & revenue loss

The drivers that made us go to DRM for our electronic courses

NetMasterClass develops on-line training courses that cost thousands to produce.  Two days after one course was released they found it offered for sale on e-bay.  That blew away the costs of development and sales going forwards in one single hit. They had to take positive steps to protect their IPR in order to stay in business.

“The return on investment to our company has been immediately evident. We are now creating new products for our electronic portfolio without fear of seeing them being distributed through unauthorized channels.”

  Cost & time savings

A greener and more cost effective means of document distribution

For 25 years TSD policy was to send out paper based manuals for its product lines to new customers.  Manuals could take 7-10 business days from ordering to reach the customer, and could be copied and distributed outside of their control.  They needed a solution so customers received instant gratification upon purchase and achieve a ‘greener’ result.

“Using Safeguard Enterprise PDF security has meant the elimination of many man hours, printing resources and postage. We currently estimate that costs have been cut by over 50%.”

trade secret protection

Secure sharing & Trade secret protection

Preventing information leakage

CCS Companies needed to protect commercial proprietary documents which they have to share with clients but also keep secret.  They often have to provide specific individuals with temporary copies of confidential documents for their review.  It is essential that they are able to do this without them being copied or forwarded to unauthorized users.

“Proprietary documents are not misplaced, and cannot be forwarded to the wrong individuals. You cannot place a value on that.”

   Revenue Protection

For many publishers, the electronic world is the new pinnacle of risk and reward.  The reduction in cost through electronic publishing is so huge that you just have to grasp it.  Backing that up with the low cost marketing and sales efforts available through the Internet is a real possibility.  But the risks of having pirate copies, being on peer to peer sharing sites, and losing your shirt by not getting back anything like your investment in creating a product.

The question here is, what is it worth to be able to enter the electronic publishing world without being exposed to all of the downsides?

  • gaining access to a significantly larger potential global markets than before
  • doing business immediately, online, and getting paid
  • drastically reducing publishing costs without seriously losing revenue
  • entering markets that were previously at high risk from piracy
  • reducing losses from misuse of existing information

Locklizard protects your revenue streams by ensuring your IPR remains protected at all times.  Stop piracy and document sharing and persistently control document use.

   IPR Control

Ensuring that only the right people can view your information is one thing, but controlling what they can do with that information is equally as important.  Some information for example has a defined life cycle, and after that date has been reached, should no longer be viewable.  Other information may be so valuable that it should not even be printed.

Some information may be subject to export control and should only be made available in certain countries.  Or you may want to limit the locations documents can be used at (e.g. the office only) for corporate accountability and legal risk management.

Digital rights management controls can therefore benefit your organization in more ways than one, by imposing the extra controls over your information that allow you to remain totally in control.  Locklizard’s digital rights management products – PDF security and document copy protection software – ensure you are always in control of your information regardless of where it resides.


Calculating achievable ROI needs some understanding of savings you may make, or costs that you may avoid by using DRM.  Below we list factors normally included in an ROI calculation.

  • value available through increased market opportunity
  • value of ability to provide instant delivery at zero shipping charge
  • savings through smaller or no print run costs
  • value of access to global markets
  • cost of compliance failure
  • self-training and integration with web shopping carts (should cost under $1,000)
  • annual or one-off or volume of use pricing models
  • reduction in losses through piracy (loss of historic market expansion or volume in a constant market).

Locklizard’s document protection can significantly increase your ROI by ensuring you get paid for your intellectual property rather than losing it.

   IPR Theft Prevention

The real benefits of implementing a proper Digital Rights Management (DRM) service are in your ability to prevent the theft (deliberate or as a result of incompetence) of documents that you consider important enough to be worth protecting.  What’s the value of that?  A lot more than the cost of being sure it can’t happen.  And with a bonus that you can monitor who has actually used documents and if they have tried to pass on their authorization to others, and where those others might be.

Providing persistent protection and post-delivery control of information even after it has left the boundaries of the organisation, preventing unauthorized redistrubtion of content, and being able to change access and document restrictions on-the-fly not only provides IPR theft prevention, but enables you to work with partners, suppliers, and outsourcing organisations in a much more secure manner.

See also secure document sharing.

   Regulatory Compliance

You may need to show best practice or comply with standards and therefore demonstrate that unauthorized individuals could not access information, because the information was strongly encrypted and its use licensed.

This approach enables corporations to allow sensitive information (trade secrets, personal data including social security numbers, board of management documents etc.) to be stored on laptop computers, and distributed outside of their organization without any loss of control.

Being able to demonstrate that you have proper procedures in place (as required by Sarbanes-Oxley or the HIPAA) is not an ROI question – it’s a must have answer.  If you don’t have this in place you risk being fined or prosecuted, or both.  So the business benefits are clear.  DRM is an answer, not an option.

Our document DRM products allow you to demonstrate what the content of published documents really was, who they were issued to, and if, or when, the documents were stopped from being made available.

See how this is made possible with Regulatory Compliance.

   Document Retention

An important use of DRM technology is to assure you that when documents reach the end of their retention period they will automatically expire and can no longer be accessed.

Locklizard enable you to expire documents automatically after a certain period of time, whether this be a fixed date, a number of views or prints, or after a number of days use.  And of course you can also manually revoke access instantly when required.

For more information on document retention see electronic document retention.

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