Protect your documents

against leakage & piracy

Stop unauthorized sharing, copying, printing

Enforce expiry and instantly revoke access

Share documents securely

enforcing your controls

Ensure only authorized third parties can use content

Control device usage and restrict location access

Sell ebooks, reports, courses

while protecting your revenue

Prevent pirating and passing on, copying & printing

Dynamically watermark content with user's details

Ensure regulatory compliance

and provide legal access

Enforce document retention policies, prevent editing,

control start and stop dates, track document use

Control document use no

matter where they reside

Remove the risk of incorrectly transmitting sensitive

data. Enforce policy controls after distribution

Our Document DRM Software

Locklizard protects your Intellectual Property (documents, reports, training courses, ebooks, forms, etc.) from being stolen or compromized. 
We specialize in document security and copy protection for PDF files, protecting your intellectual property from unauthorized use, misuse and piracy.

Organizations use our Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to achieve PDF security without passwords, ensure enhanced document security & copy protection of their intellectual property, while reducing publishing costs, complying with regulatory requirements, putting in place document retention policies, establishing new revenue generation techniques and more…

Who uses Locklizard PDF DRM Security?

Protect, control, & analyze confidential, sensitive or revenue-generating documents on any device, in any location

Product Features

Locklizard information rights management solutions are used to secure documents, enforce elearning security & protect ebooks with DRM controls.
Choose from a wide range of granular DRM controls to tightly administer document access and use.

Locklizard vs other security solutions

Other document security and PDF protection solutions claim to protect your documents with strong encryption and restrictions, but they are easy to bypass or remove.
Locklizard use secure viewers to enforce DRM controls, don’t use insecure technology like passwords or plugins, & ensure documents always remain under your control.


Why Locklizard PDF DRM over PDF Password Protection?

Passwords seem a quick and simple way of protecting PDF documents with encryption but provide poor security:

Passwords can be shared or removed

Once you have given a user a password - you have to do this to let them open a document - they can share it with others or simply remove it.

Passwords can be cracked

Passwords can be broken with password remover software.  Strong passwords can help prevent hackers accessing your PDF files as readily, but you must distribute them securely and manage them.

Permissions or restrictions can be easily removed

PDF permissions (restrictions) can be removed however strong the password is or simply ignored by PDF Reader applications.  Why you should not password protect PDF files to restrict PDF use.

Zero control after distribution

You have no control over documents once they have been decrypted.  Users can easily remove restrictions and edit, copy and print content.  You have no idea who is using your documents or what they are doing with them.

Why Locklizard document DRM security over secure data rooms?

Secure data rooms make you believe you can share documents securely online. However, your documents are only as secure as the weakest link - login credentials can be shared with other users so anyone can login and view your ‘secure’ documents.  See why data room security is not adequate for secure document sharing.

No login credentials for users to share

Users never enter any credentials so they cannot share them.  Decryption keys are transparently relayed to an encrypted client keystore locked to the user’s device.

No uploading unprotected documents

Unprotected documents don't leave your computer so they can never be compromised. Secure documents on your local computer and distribute them by web, email, usb, etc.

No useless JavaScript or weak protection

Our DRM controls are enforced by our Viewers.  Browser based viewers are easy to manipulate with script injections, in-line script editing, and browser plugins which can easily remove the security controls.  See Google Docs and Flip books as examples.

Stop screen grabbing & printing to PDF

Stop print screen and third party screen grabbing tools capturing your documents.  Prevent printing of documents to PDF and other file formats.

Why Locklizard secure PDF Viewers over PDF plugins?

At first glance plugins seem an ideal solution, enabling users to view protected PDF documents in Adobe Reader. But they require Admin rights to install and are a security risk.

Plugins can be overruled

Plugins can easily conflict with one another causing them to either stop working, or worse, stop enforcing DRM controls.

Plugins can put users systems at risk

Some document security providers require users to turn off security in Adobe Reader for their plugins to work. This puts the application and the user's system at greater risk of malware attack.

Plugins can easily break

Plugins have to work across multiple versions of Adobe so it is little wonder that they stop working when Adobe Reader updates are rolled out or when other plugins are updated.

Plugins are not secure even if certified

Anyone can write a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat without obtaining certification. However, certified plugins are not guaranteed as fit for purpose or secure, and authors can forge signatures so plugins run in certified mode.

How Locklizard compares to our competitors

Locklizard has taken a different approach to document security by avoiding known security weaknesses and complex implementation. Our DRM software is simple to use and secure.

Secure PDF viewers

We use our own secure PDF Viewers – so we have full control over the environment and can enforce DRM controls.

No insecure technology

We don’t use passwords, plugins, JavaScript, or temporary files - document decryption is done in memory only.

Simple and secure key management

Key management is handled transparently by the licensing server and secure Viewer - there are no complex keys to generate, distribute, manage, or for users to share.

Full control over unprotected files

No uploading of unprotected documents to servers where they could be compromized – protect documents on your computer and distribute them just like any other file.

Device & location locking to prevent sharing

We lock documents to devices so they cannot be shared, and optionally to locations so you can control BYOD use.

Control over Operating System functionality

We prevent high quality screenshots being taken by screen grabbing software, and block printing to PDF files and other unprotected file formats.

Modular DRM controls

DRM controls are expansive and flexible – you protect just one file for all users and control access on a user basis – so for example, you can have the same file expire at different times for different users.

Total offline document protection

Offline documents contain the same level of security as online ones, and you can optionally distribute the Viewer and protected PDFs on USB stick for total offline use.

Significant cost savings & flexible hosting

We provide perpetual unlimited use licenses, saving you thosands over competitor offerings. You host on-premise (on your own servers) or use our AWS hosted systems to get up and running straight away.

Locklizard takes your document protection seriously. Our document DRM enables you to securely share documents without insecure passwords, and enforces access, location, expiry, and usage controls regardless of location. Total document security for Data Loss Prevention DLP, secure document distribution and control.

Over 5,000,000 documents secured
Over 3,000,000 end-users
30+ years in the IT security sector
US Government strength encryption
NO insecure plugins or passwords

See how easy it is to protect, sell
and share your documents

Document Security & DRM Copy Protection

Protect documents from piracy

Protect from piracy

share documents securely

Share securely

Our document security software prevents unauthorized document sharing, leakage, piracy & theft.

It controls access to and use of information inside and outside your organization, so you can securely share documents & cost effectively distribute and manage your digital content.

Control BYOD use and lock PDF documents to specific locations.

DRM controls

Dynamic control

Change access, print, IP restriction, and expiry controls even after distribution.

Apply dynamic watermarks displaying individual user information to viewed and/or printed documents to discourage photocopying.

Revoke documents and users at any stage regardless of where they are located.

Protect documents from piracy

Total PDF Protection

Stop unauthorized access and control document use.

Using US Government approved AES encryption, public key technology, licensing controls, device locking, IP restrictions, and DRM security, you can be assured that your documents are safe.

We don’t use insecure plugins, JavaScript or passwords for document protection.