Enterprise DRM Security

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM

Enterprise Rights Management for PDF Files

Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security is PDF DRM software for corporate enterprises & large publishers.

It has all the security features of Safeguard PDF Security (stops unauthorized distribution of documents, copying, modifying, printing, screen shots, expiry, revocation, dynamic watermarks), plus more – document logging, country & IP restriction, flexible license checking & transfer, sub-administrators and reports.

PDF Rights Management for the Enterprise / Large Publisher

Safeguard Enterprise DRM delivers enterprise rights management for PDF documents, supporting the larger publisher or corporate enterprise that needs extra functionality and flexibility for controlling document use – additional security for protecting PDF documents, delegating administrator access, message & display customization, batch commands, etc., and enables publishers to track how their documents are used.

Control sub-administrator access

Control who can protect PDF documents, assign document access, and administer the system:

  • sub-administrators have separate usernames and passwords for logging in to the admin system
  • actions performed by each sub-administrator are logged separately so you can see what action/event was performed by whom
  • sub -administrators can be given either full or read only access to both the admin system and ecommerce commands
Lock PDFs to locations

Lock PDF files to:

  • country locations – allow or disallow specific country access
  • specific IP addresses or range of IPs (e.g. ensure documents can only be viewed from the office)

Block or allow access at the country level on a global & user basis.  If you don’t know the user’s IP address or country, Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM can pickup and enter this information for you when the user registers their license or uses the Web Viewer for the first time.

Track & log document use
  • log document views
  • log document prints
  • see what are your 5 most accessed, viewed and printed documents
Transfer licenses between devices

Let users transfer their licenses from one device to another.  So, for example, if device A is no longer used then device B can be used instead (a transfer from device A to device B will deactivate the license on device A and activate it on device B).

Secure Document Distribution
  • Restrict use to just within your organization, or allow access to specific third parties, regardless of the device used.
  • Prevent documents being used in specific countries to obtain appropriate copyright control or comply with national legislation.

Users cannot register or use documents if they are in a banned country location or using an unauthorized IP address.  Wider country access controls can be fine tuned with individual or ranges of IP restrictions.  For example, you may have a policy that allows only users located in the US to use your protected documents but you want to allow access to a specific user from a different country.  Or you may want to block a specific country at the global level but allow access from that country for a specific user which is also tied to an IP address.

Simple User, Admin & Document Management
  • Make system wide batch changes (e.g. give every user an extra license) at the press of a button.
  • Enable users to transfer their licenses from one device to another (license only remains active on one device).
  • Control sub-administrators with separate login details, auditing, and access rights.
  • Additional filter options (e.g. show only print enabled documents) help you find the customers and documents you are looking for more easily.
  • Apply filters to existing search options in order to provide finer granularity for items you are searching for.
  • Add searchable document notes.
  • Backup and restore system data.

User & Document Logging

Just like Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise PDF DRM logs when users:

  • receive and open their Viewer license / Web Viewer login emails
  • register their license
  • logon to the Web Viewer

With Enterprise PDF DRM you can also track PDF files & log:

  • when users view a document
  • when users print a document
  • what country users are located in
  • individual administrator access and actions

Keep a secure audit trail of who is using your documents and when, and whether users are trying to register licenses from unauthorized locations (i.e. users are sharing them with others).

Customization & Reports

Tailor Enterprise PDF DRM to your company’s own requirements.

  • Customize unauthorized use and expiry messages with your own text or navigate users to a web page.
  • Navigate users to a web page when they open your documents for the first time.
  • Display expiry messages n days before documents expire to warn users they will no longer be available.
  • Use advanced search and sort filters to show specific data (e.g. show only print disabled documents that are about to expire).
  • Generate reports for your users, documents and publications.
  • See what are your 5 most popular documents, who accessed them and when.

Just like Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise DRM lets you customize the license email and brand our Windows Viewer with your own logo (additional fee).

Offline Use, User & Document Revocation

Safeguard Enterprise DRM gives you total flexibility when requiring users to connect with the administration server.  Enforcing users to connect means you can perform instant revocation, but it may be inconvenient if a user does not have an Internet connection available (say on a plane/boat) and they need to view protected documents.  To solve this, Enterprise DRM provides additional functionality over Safeguard PDF Security:

  • Check document validity after n days and then never again.  This option is useful if you sell an ebook or training course that should always be available offline but you want to enforce an Internet connection after say 30 days to be able to revoke access if a chargeback was made against the purchase.
  • Check document validity when an Internet connection is available.  This is the most flexible option.  If you revoke users or documents then access is revoked when a user next connects to the Internet.
  • Grace period of n days for a forced Internet connection.  By setting a grace period you can warn users that they will need to connect to the Internet in n days time to continue using your protected documents.

As with Safeguard PDF Security you can set documents to never check with the server or always check if that is your business model.

Enterprise PDF DRM for IPR Protection

Unlike other Enterprise Rights Management systems, Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM lets you securely exchange documents in different environments without demanding that you or your customers implement a specific infrastructure (e.g. Microsoft RMS).  This means you can sell documents securely to people you do not know, and share documents securely with people outside your domain.

You can control document access regardless of where your documents reside, lock documents to devices, USB sticks, IP ranges and countries, have documents made available for only a certain length of time, and instantly revoke use.

If you are looking for a secure alternative to PDF password protection, want total control over how your PDF documents are used, want to enforce where they are used, and log what users are doing with them, then purchase Safeguard Enterprise Rights Management.

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