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  PDF DRM document security to protect board documents & confidential information

Everyone knows that the documents circulated to the board of directors (some legal systems have more than one board, and others have board committees, or both) are confidential.  What is sometimes overlooked is that documents can be highly sensitive, may be distributed to people who are not part of the corporate network, and in fact may be accessed through the public Internet.

Apart from the obvious items that may affect the share price (including mergers and acquisitions) and draft accounts prior to publication, they include:

  • competitive studies
  • market analyses
  • internal reviews
  • board remunerations
  • strategy papers

So there are a series of (usually PDF) documents that have to be distributed to several groups of individuals outside of the normal IT processing and without compromising the security of the PDF documents.

Generally, all board documents are managed and administered by the secretary, and also distributed by them.  So an administration system is required that does not necessarily require the IT department to have access.

   How document DRM can help protect board documents from unauthorized use & misuse

Locklizard document security systems provide the operational and DRM controls required to support the secretary in securely distributing these critically important documents.

  • Individuals can have start and end dates corresponding to their term of office if that is required.
  • Documents can be set to expire on a fixed date or after a number of days, views and/or prints – see PDF expiry.
  • When members have the ability to print documents out that can be done with visible watermarks to identify the source of the printed copy.
  • Documents can be locked to locations so that they cannot be opened in unauthorized areas (e.g. outside the office).
  • Document usage can be logged so you have a history of who viewed and printed documents and when.
  • If a board member leaves you can instantly revoke their access, and access to individual documents can be terminated at any stage.
  • Using Web Publisher you can create a secure document sharing portal where the secretary can post secure documents to all or individual board members.  This solves the problem of document distribution as documents each user is authorized to view is instantly made available.

You can set up a system in 5 minutes.  To add the directors as users you can just add their email addresses to the administration system.  Then for each distribution of protected documents you add publications (Supervisory Board 2019, Executive Board 2019, Remuneration Committee 2019, and so on) for the various boards and/or committees that need to be distributed to.  Access to the publications is then given to the individuals serving on those boards/committees.  Now when one or more PDF documents needs to be distributed securely, the secretary just protects them to the relevant publication (board) and the members can automatically use them as soon as they pick them up.  If someone is a member of more than one board it doesn’t matter because the system sorts that all out for them.

So the PDF DRM protection functionality provided by Locklizard enables you to secure board documents and minutes very effectively and fits cleanly and easily into what is otherwise a rather difficult access and control problem.

Why Locklizard to protect board documents & secure board minutes?

Locklizard provides total protection of board documents & minutes, stopping sharing & leakage

Locklizard takes your document protection seriously.  We provide total PDF protection with US Gov strength AES encryption, public key technology, DRM and licensing controls, to ensure your PDF documents remain protected no matter where they reside.

See our customer testimonials or read our case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard DRM security to protect & securely share board documents.

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