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DRM Solutions

Business & Enterprise Document DRM Security

Protecting confidential, sensitive & revenue generating documents

Locklizard DRM solutions enable different industries and sectors to achieve their own document security requirements with an ‘out of the box’ system to stop document sharing and control document use.

Select your sector or industry and see how Locklizard can help protect your IPR and confidential information from sharing, theft, and misuse.

Training & Education

Safeguard PDF Security can speed up the time getting your training courses to market and ensure your revenue is protected at all times.  Secure training courses are automatically protected against unauthorized misuse (being passed to others for free, or being copied or printed without permission), and you can control how, and how long they are used.  You can make course content available for a specified period of time to ensure outdated content is no longer available, and you can revoke access if you feel your content is being misused.  Users can subscribe to a course and they will be automatically be able to use all course content (multiple PDF files) without you having to give them access to each individual file.  If you want to allow printing then watermarks with user details (name, email, etc.) can be dynamically applied at print time to identify the source if a photocopy is made.

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Reports & Market Analyses

Safeguard PDF Security can protect reports (research data, financial anyalysis, etc.) from being pirated and sold, or given away without your knowledge.  Safeguard prevents your customers from sharing reports with other parties and printing them without your permission.  If you want to allow printing you can have watermarks dynamically applied to the document that display user information (such as their name, email, company name, etc.) along with a date/time stamp – so any photocopies made can be easily tracked back to the originator.  Customers can easily sign up to your subscriptions and Safeguard will automatically manage document access through its unique Publication feature.

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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Safeguard PDF Security can protect sensitive M&A information from getting into the wrong hands.  You can lock documents to specific devices and locations (for example a laptop computer which can only open secure documents at a specific office location), and access to documents can be set from specific dates so information is not available before it should be.  Documents can be set to expire after a number of views/days/fixed date or if a new document is made available that supersedes information in an old one.  Document usage can be logged so you know who has viewed and/or printed what documents.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Safeguard PDF Security can be used to send confidential patient information securely to patients and third party agencies and insurers, and for the protection of clinical trial and targeted treatment data.  By using DRM rather than straight encryption the sender can control far more accurately document usage and prevent it being passed on to unauthorized parties and the senders controls cannot be overridden.  You can log when documents are viewed and printed ensuring that historic use can be verified.  And by using Web Publisher you can create secure web portals containing protected documents where user’s don’t even have to install a Viewer to use them.

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Finance – Tax Advisers

Safeguard PDF Security can protect sensitive financial information and tax advice from falling into the wrong hands.  Old information can be instantly revoked as updated advice is issued as taxation rules change.  You can make sure that paid advice you give does not get shared across the Internet for free and that documents with time limitations on them instantly expire once a certain date has been reached.

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Safeguard PDF Security can protect engineering manuals, part lists, specifications and designs from unauthorized sharing, prevent document copying and tampering, and ensure the latest versions are always being used.  Documents can be set to automatically expire after a given time frame (no. of uses, no. of days, no. of prints, or a fixed date) and revoked instantly if information is out of date or incorrect.  Watermarks can be dynamically applied when the document is being used so any printed copies can be tracked back to the user.  Sensitive material can be locked to specific devices and IP addresses to ensure that it does not leave the office and/or is used only by specific third parties at authorized locations.

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Publishing – Ebooks & Magazines

Safeguard PDF Security can protect ebooks and digital magazines from unauthorized use and sharing.  You can can provide time limited trials to your digital content, provide instant access to publications of work without having to assign access individually to each ebook or magazine, and revoke content if it is no longer valid.  Using our command line and ecommerce tools you can batch protect ebooks and magazines and automatically grant access once a customer has purchased without any manual intervention.

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Publishing – Media (Film, TV, Music)

Safeguard PDF Security is used worldwide by film and TV production companies to secure confidential media information regarding release dates, casting lists, and scripts.  Safeguard PDF Security ensures only authorized recipients can view and print (if required) confidential information and that users and documents can be instantly revoked.  Time sensitive information can be set to expire after a specific date is reached, and protected documents can be viewed offline without the need for an Internet connection.  Protected documents can even be published to USB sticks using Safeguard Portable and viewed directly from them without the need for users to install any Viewer software.

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Publishing – Standards Documents

Locklizard enables standards publishers to publish standards securely, ensuring that publishers retain control over their standards and are able to gain the full economic benefits of selling their standards.  And standard makers are able to distribute content free of charge without losing control of the standards themselves.  Document security controls persist after publication and remain with documents no matter where they reside or who they are sent to.

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To become cost effective, libraries need to convert physical books to ebooks whilst still retaining control over copyright.  Locklizard ebook DRM enables libraries to distribute ebooks securely.  It protects ebooks (PDF format) and controls what users can do with them – stop unauthorized distribution, allow or deny printing, restrict use to a physical location or library network, apply dynamic watermarks to discourage screenshots, monitor usage and allow/disallow offline use.  Locklizard ebook DRM enforces expiry (there is no need for a user to return an ebook as when it expires it can no longer be used), enables instant revocation, and enables you to sell ebooks by converting lending periods into unlimited access.  Whole ebook collections can published to USB sticks using Safeguard Portable, licensed piecemeal, and viewed directly from them without the need for users to install any Viewer software.

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Membership Associations

Locklizard enables industry associations, societies and membership organisations to protect revenue generating and confidential documents from unauthorized sharing and misuse.  Our document security software enables associations to deliver documents securely to members and stop them from being shared with non-members.  We control who can access documents and how they can be used by authorized users, controlling both member access and membership access levels.  Documents can be locked to both devices and locations and you can revoke access at any stage.  Locklizard document security can be easily integrated with your existing member management software – you just upload protected documents to your system and can automate user access to protected documents using our ecommerce API.

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Government agencies have many secrets that they need to share internally and with authorized parties and often this is done with secure email and the use of encryption.  However, once a message or document is decrypted by the recipient it is no longer protected.  Safeguard PDF security can facilitate government departments in secure document sharing beyond simple encryption and ensure documents at rest are never saved in plain text.  Safeguard prevents documents being passed on and shared with unauthorized recipients, prevents screen grabs, stops printing, and logs document use.  Documents can be set to expire after a number of views, prints, days, or a fixed date, and can be revoked at any stage.

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Safeguard PDF Security can protect auction catalog information ensuring the correct information is always made available and has not been tampered with by the recipient.  Protected documents can be set to expire once they come to the end of their fixed life and instantly revoked if any errors have been made.

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