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Prevent Document Leakage

Prevent Document Leakage with DRM: stop leaks, control use

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Using Document DRM to stop document leakage & control use

Information leakage is thought to be one of the most pressing problems for government and industry today.  The enemy is within more often than we like to think.  Although the case of Snowden has been probably the most widely publicised example of an employee being able to walk out of the door with the secrets of their employers, the problem exists across all organizations, whether commercial or governmental.

Although IT departments make great efforts to prevent sensitive information leaving the organization by such methods as scanning email and attachments for information, the fight to control Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) such as intelligent mobile phones and tablets that can synchronise directly with corporate folders and email, is already lost.  Users can seamlessly link to the corporate network by phone, café or hotspot, regardless of who else they may be connected to.  And when they leave for the day, or leave the job, all the files they have been using go with them.

Ordinary access controls do not solve these problems because the files are on their storage and can be copied and passed on.  So they can give them to anyone else, modify them and they still look authentic, and sell them to the highest bidder.

However, document DRM can provide many of the answers to solve these problems.

Locklizard DRM controls include the ability to suspend or cease the user’s access at any time.  Controlled documents are encrypted and locked to authorized devices, so it is impossible to edit them or give an uncontrolled copy to somebody else.  Other features enable you to track when documents are viewed and printed, and document expiry controls ensure end dates or the number of uses cannot be exceeded.

You can limit what devices users can use (i.e. Windows only) and specify an IP address or range of IP addresses that the device must be using before documents can be accessed.  And if an employee leaves or you suspect suspicious activity then you can instantly revoke user access to your protected documents.  You can therefore effectively reduce potential exposure through BYOD devices that are used in the workplace because controlled files will not open except at work.

Why Locklizard for document leakage prevention?

Locklizard ensures your confidential & business sensitive documents are not copied or shared

  • Control document use

    DRM controls ensure you can easily prevent document leakage by having total control over the use of your documents.

    • Stop screen grabbing.
    • Stop printing.  Prevent hard copies of documents being illegally distributed, or limit the number of high quality prints allowed.

      If you allow printing you can apply dynamic watermarks (user and system info automatically inserted at print time) to discourage photocopying and subsequent distribution.

    • Expire documents automatically after a number of days use, views, prints, or on a fixed date.

      By using expiry you can ensure that sensitive and confidential documents can no longer be accessed after a certain time period, automatically enforcing document retention periods and policies.  Individual users can also be given different access periods for the same document.

    • Revoke documents and user access instantly, regardless of where they are located.

      Prevent documents that are no longer valid from being accessed.  Instantly stop users who have left the company and inactive third parties from accessing your confidential documents.

  • Device & location locking

    Prevent document leakage by tightly controlling the devices and locations your confidential documents can be accessed from.

    • Documents are automatically locked to authorized user devices so that they cannot be shared with others.
    • Lock use to locations (e.g. the office) to prevent use on BYOD outside authorized locations or to facilitate secure sharing with trusted third parties.

    • Control the number of devices your documents can be used on.
  • Track Document Use

    Track document views and prints to see what documents users are actively using.

    See when documents were opened, who viewed them, on what devices and from where.

    See how often they are being used and instantly revoke access if you think they are being misused.

  • No Passwords or Plugins

    There are no passwords or codes for users to enter, so users cannot share protected documents and the passwords to open them with others.  Why you should not password protect PDF files.

    Keys are transparently and securely transferred to authorized devices and locked to those devices so they cannot be shared.

    We don’t use plugins to existing applications.  We use our own secure viewers so you can be confident your protected documents will continue to be accessible after application updates and are not compromised by other plugins.

  • Simple to use

    Our document DRM software is simple to use – secure documents by right clicking on them in Windows File Explorer, or automate protection of documents using command line.

    The choose your copy protection options from Safeguard’s tabbed dialog.  Unlike Microsoft RMS, and other Rights Management Systems, there is no need to worry about setting up complex policies.

    Manage users and document access from a web portal and delegate admin duties to multiple administrators.

Locklizard takes your document protection seriously.  Prevent document leakage without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Our DRM technology ensures your documents remain safe no matter where they reside with US Gov Strength encryption, licensing, and DRM controls.  Document content is decrypted in memory and no temporary files are used.

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