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About Us

A DRM Security Company

Locklizard is a DRM (digital rights management) company producing high quality, US government strength document and content encryption products with digital rights management (DRM) controls.

We specialize in document security and copy protection for PDF files and documents, ebooks, reports and training materials, protecting your intellectual property from unauthorized use, misuse and piracy.

Who are we?

«Locklizard bring together a team dedicated to advancing DRM solutions across multiple platforms and industries.»

Greg Mathews

Locklizard was launched in 2004 by a group of information and document security specialists who have more than 70 years experience in the IT security, DRM (digital rights management), data security, document encryption, PKI, and copy protection industries, securing information on personal computers and messaging systems.

Back in 1986, our management team was involved in the first file security software produced in the UK called Stoplock, used to protect business data on personal computers.  We went on to produce disk encryption products, smart card authentication, and later PGP encryption software.  Senior management include authors of ISO/IEC 17799 (formerly BS7799) who contribute to other national and international data security standards on data security methods and techniques, open trade messaging and data management.

We are the premier DRM suppliers for publishers, enterprises and governments, meeting and exceeding requirements for the finance, auditing, semiconductor, training, publishing and analyst communities.  Our DRM consultants can help you achieve your document security goals.  We have provided data security advice to the European commission, the UK Government, CESG, and an impressive range of globally based Fortune 100 companies.

We bring together considerable expertise in the use and application of encryption technologies servicing the requirements of both publishers and internal company management, in enforcing appropriate controls over IPR, in order to prevent intellectual property theft.

How we differ from other DRM companies

18 years

5,000,000+ users

Other digital rights management companies / vendors provide systems that are designed predominately for internal corporate use, and as a result, are frequently inappropriate, cumbersome and complex to implement.  Locklizard have simplified and made totally transparent the technical and complex cryptographic processes that underpin DRM technologies.

Locklizard place great importance on the delivery of systems that are easy to use, quick to implement and effective, without users having to understand or become involved with the technical details.  We have removed the flawed reliance on passwords as a means of controlling access to information.  This sets Locklizard apart from other DRM companies, delivering significant ROI and added value to your information protection.

Our DRM products push the boundaries of the security and copy protection that can be achieved whilst at the same time remaining transparent to both our customers and their recipients.  Across the DRM industry we deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions currently available.  We deliver the simplest to implement DRM solutions with the most comprehensive controls of any supplier available, at the lowest price – and we don’t lock you in to a minimum contract or charge you for being successful – a win win for all our customers!

How Locklizard differs from other Document DRM & PDF Security systems

We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient support service which our customers often thank us for, and for continually supporting our customers going forward by implementing new feature requests as our products grow.  The fact that customers are willing to allow us to publish case studies and use their logos is a testament to our excellence and their confidence.

Thousands of companies have already chosen Locklizard to safeguard their documents – join them.

Who uses our Document DRM software?

Our Digital Rights Management software is used worldwide by information publishers either selling content or ensuring compliance, corporates protecting trade secrets, or providing a controlled method to share their information, and government agencies concerned over potential misuse of their information.

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Why do major corporations from Cisco to Symantec and PWC to City of Hope buy from Locklizard?  Our customer case studies are just one part of the answer.  Locklizard have been providing a technically robust platform that they can rely on to deliver consistent results, a continually developing product range, and a range of product offerings that come with a fixed price so there are no surprises or changes in cost as a result of a change of business profile or the success of the publisher’s business.

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