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PDF encryption: how to encrypt PDF files without Acrobat or passwords

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Safeguard PDF Encryption Software: securely encrypt PDF files without Acrobat or passwords

How to encrypt a PDF without Passwords

Encrypting a PDF or multiple PDF files is simple and secure with Safeguard PDF Security.

To encrypt PDF files, right-click on them in Windows File Explorer and select the menu option ‘Make Secure PDF’.

Strong PDF Encryption with DRM controls

Safeguard PDF security takes PDF encryption to the next security level.  It encrypts PDFs with US Gov strength AES encryption to prevent unauthorized access, and applies DRM to control what authorized users can do with your PDF files:

Safeguard provides strong PDF encryption with total document control:

  • PDFs are locked to individual devices
  • content is only ever decrypted in memory
  • there are no passwords to enter or manage, or for users to share or forget

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   Is Adobe PDF encryption secure?

Why should NOT use passwords to encrypt PDF files

  1. users can share passwords and thus ‘protected’ PDFs with others
  2. passwords are easily removed with password recovery software
  3. Adobe PDF permissions (stop copy, print, editing) can be easily bypassed or removed
  4. once the user has the password they can decrypt the PDF and do what they like with it

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by your PDF security product.

I was looking for a way to protect my GCSE revision books (which I write and sell online) and prevent unauthorised distribution.

The whole system works flawlessly, my customers love it and appreciate the fact that I can alter their order (for example authorising more prints) from my end.

So thanks again for providing such a great PDF encryption product that does exactly what it promises.”

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Encrypting PDF files

What is encryption and PDF encryption?

Encryption is the use of a mathematical system (algorithm) to make information secret from anyone not authorized to use it.  Encryption uses a secret key to scramble information in files so that only those with the correct key can view them.  PDF encryption is therefore the encryption of PDF files, the result of which is an encrypted PDF file.

Encryption keys are sometimes taken from passwords, but passwords are a poor choice for encryption keys – see PDF password protection.  It does not matter what the strength of the encryption algorithm is if the implementation is not secure.

Why encrypt PDF files & documents?

There are many reasons why you would want to encrypt PDF files.

The information in the PDF document is confidential and only a restricted number of people should be able to see it. This could include training courses, price lists, bid documents, takeover plans, healthcare records, and so on. The information is valuable – you sell it – perhaps a newsletter, or an analyst’s report, or a consulting report or a periodical or a book. You obviously don’t want to give it away!

If you don’t encrypt the PDF file then anyone can read it and the value of your information is lost.  But if you are going to encrypt PDF files then you need to use PDF encryption software that uses a reliable encryption method.

Locklizard – the best PDF encryption software to encrypt PDF files securely

Encrypt PDF files without passwords or Acrobat: control access and use

Locklizard provides the best PDF encryption software, protecting your PDF files from unauthorized access and use with US Gov strength PDF encryption, licensing and DRM controls.

  • Our DRM PDF Security products enable you to share documents securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.
  • Batch encrypt PDF files, automate protection, and add DRM controls using our command line PDF encryption.
  • Unlike Adobe Permissions which can be easily removed, our DRM controls persistently protect your PDF files and enable you to revoke PDFs at any time regardless of where they are.
  • We don’t password protect PDFs because they are not a secure method of protecting PDF files.  Instead we use transparent and secure key management to transfer and store keys.
  • Our DRM technology ensures your encrypted PDF files remain safe regardless of where your documents are located.  No keys are exposed to users or interfaces and documents are only ever decrypted in memory.
  • Our easy to use administration system provides simple user and document management, and unlike passwords, keys are securely and transparently managed for you.

See our customer testimonials and case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard PDF security to securely share PDF documents and sell PDF files securely.

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