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Protecting & controlling your Intellectual Property

Comply with legislation, share documents securely, prevent leakage

Locklizard helps your business in many ways, from enabling you to share documents securely to preventing document leakage and ensuring regulations are complied with.

Using DRM to protect your digital documents delivers significant advantages, such as automatic expiry, instant revocation, and location locking – your intellectual property is always protected and under your control.

Regulatory Compliance

All of commerce, industry and government has to meet and observe standards and industry norms for document management and information control.  Some of these are codified in laws (such as various personal data regulations, the length of time a document must be retained) and others are industry codes of practice.  But they all have to be met, and where law is involved the can be criminal as well as civil penalties for failure to keep adequate business records for tax purposes or for insurance requirements.  Some regulations require that documents are destroyed after a given period of time.

Locklizard PDF DRM delivers a series of tools that can be used to support regulatory compliance.  Document content can be limited to authorized parties (meeting personal data privacy regulations) and can be set to cease use at the date of information destruction, ensuring that many control requirements are met.  Where authorized recipients change, a log trail is available to show who had access and when it was ceased to demonstrate to auditors that controls have been met.

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Document Retention

Document retention is a difficult topic indeed for many reasons.  Documents have to be preserved intact and unaltered for specific periods of time, often specified by regulation.  Commonly six years is necessary, but in the case of medical documents that can be after the death of the person concerned, which these days could be over 100 years.

Although corporations have central archives which are used as the central library for document retention, in today’s computing environment old documents may be retained on computers for many years simply because they have been forgotten.  So there is the problem of ensuring destruction once the retention period has finished and that means making sure they cannot be recovered or passed on.

Locklizard DRM controls provide an automated way of ceasing access to documents once they pass their retention dates, regardless of where they have been stored or maintained.

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Secure Document Sharing

Every business has a need to be able to share ‘secrets’ among groups within the organization.  Groups may include board members, senior managers, finance departments, sales channels, resellers and partners management, and so on.  In most cases sharing means just that – allowing other people to see your information.  It does not mean inviting them to be able to edit the information or forward it to other people.

Using Locklizard systems you can share vital information with business partners and with agents or professionals without risk of theft or disclosure.  You can lock documents to specific devices or IP addresses or address ranges, revoke documents and/or users instantly, prevent copying, modifying and saving uncontrolled documents.  Alternatively, Safeguard Web Publisher uses a Web Portal approach for delivering secure documents over the cloud without users having to install a Viewer to use them.  Protect your copyright and secrets.

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Secure PDF Forms

There are many occasions when pre-set forms are required as part of a business process or an education process.  In business, order specifications and vendor onboarding details are common requirements.  In education examination papers and enrolment (now online) require that the form contents are protected from being captured whilst in transmission or at rest.  This requires that the data content be encrypted so that it can arrive at the application without being altered or disclosed.

Adobe secure PDF forms can be easily modified – their only protection is a PDF password restricting access which users can simply remove.  Form data is not encrypted and can therefore be altered after submission, and even digital signatures cannot be relied upon.  Locklizard secures PDF forms enabling you to distribute them securely.  It stops users from editing form content and encrypts form data so it cannot be modified after submission.

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Preventing Document Leakage

Preventing document leakage should be an important strategy of any organization – losing trade secrets, third parties getting hold of confidential financial information, and loss of customer data can be vital to the bottom line.

So there are considerable needs to prevent these documents from ‘leaking’ out of your organization and into someone else’s, or perhaps worse, the public domain.  Typically people changing jobs take client lists or pricing schedules or details of manufacture or repair with them.  But each industry has its own specific items of value that a competitor would welcome access to.  Using Locklizard systems you can lock documents to specific devices or IP addresses or address ranges, revoke documents and/or users instantly, prevent copying, modifying and saving uncontrolled documents.

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Internal Document Control

An enterprise is a major publisher of information internally.  In most instances internal documents are trade secrets or confidential information that need to be protected from unauthorized use and misuse.
Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM can lock your documents to specific devices and IP addresses so they cannot be used outside of the workplace (for example, a user can be authorized to use secure documents on a laptop whilst they are at the office, but not from any other locations).  Document use can be logged to record who viewed and printed documents and when.  Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM can also be used to control departmental use of information, and for ensuring compliance.

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Application Integration

Integrating Our PDF Security products with your own applications could not be easier.  Protected PDF files are treated just like any other file in both document management and learning management systems so there are no additional overheads or learning curves to consider or worry about.

You can integrate Command Line to automatically protect your PDF documents as they move through your publishing processes.

For publishers selling documents, you can integrate with the majority of payment providers using our ecommerce API to create customers and authorise them to access the documents they have bought.

Corporate users within a business can use the ecommerce API to dynamically manage document access without manual administration intervention.  Internal PDF files can be automatically protected using our Command Line encryption tool and integrated into your existing web applications or document management systems without the need to use an additional API.

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