How to add a watermark to a PDF document

Adding non-removable, dynamic, & confidential text and image watermarks.

Adobe, Word & Office watermarks are useless because they are easily removed. Here’s how to watermark a PDF securely.
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PDF Password or Certificate Encryption?

Certificates or Passwords for PDF encryption – which is best?

Should you use passwords or certificates to protect confidential and sensitive business documents from leakage and misuse, or is there a better way?
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How to encrypt a PDF

How to encrypt a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, Word, and PDF DRM encryption software.

What is the best way to encrypt a PDF and how good is password protection for PDF encryption?  Is Adobe, Word or DRM encryption software best?
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How to make a PDF expire

How to put an expiry date on a PDF & automatically expire PDF files & documents.

Here we cover how PDF expiry works, adding an expiry date to a PDF document, and automatically expiring PDF files after a number of days, opens, and prints.
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