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Training course copy protection and control

Protecting copyright and revenue streams

Safeguard PDF Security can speed up the time getting your training courses to market and ensure your revenue is protected at all times.  By offering training course protection for a wide range of devices and operating systems, Locklizard ensures your confidential information and intellectual property is protected regardless of where it is accessed from or where it is stored.  Using US Government strength encryption and DRM restrictions you can control who can access your content (prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution), what users can do with it, the locations it can be used from, and how long it can be used.

From preserving copyright and revenue streams to sharing files securely with remote faculty members, the reasons for implementing Safeguard document security to protect training courses and educational documents is obvious.

   Training Course Protection & Going Digital

Training courses are very expensive to create and update.  They can often contain proprietary information or methods or know how.  They always contain the expertise of experienced instructors who have specialised in how to present very complex information in ways that make it easy to understand and quick to learn.  And increasingly, with the requirements of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in all the professions, training courses have to be taken.

Training courses are delivered very flexibly.  Printed manuals are expensive, easily lost in the post and have a long lead time.  Also, many courses are delivered under license, so instructors may have to carry large blocks of paper around.  And in some cases, courses are given using the Internet to connect students to the instructor.

‘Going Digital’ with training courses is not technically difficult.  Presentation slides can be converted to PDF so they are consistent when viewed, and presenters and course notes can also be moved to that format readily today.  But a training course is not just a single document.  It is a whole family of documents.  And each document has different controls requirements.

Here the Locklizard construct of the Publication is very valuable.  A complete course of training documents can be assigned to a single publication, but at the same time the controls on each document can be different.  This simplifies the course provider’s administration because they just allocate access to the publication (course) to their students or trainers, and Locklizard takes care of the rest.  And you can allow users to print documents with or without watermarks, so course notes maybe do not need protecting with watermarks, but copies of slides probably do need watermarks because nobody wants to have their name all over pirated documents.

Locklizard also have a range of controls to help prevent the easiest forms of copying, such as screen grabbing.  We prevent Print Screen, Windows Snipping Tool, and third party screen grabbers such as Snagit from grabbing high quality screen grabs of your course content.  There are controls available to set start and stop view dates so that courses can only be used by users for a finite length of time.  Also, you can dynamically cease access to presenters and users if they are not behaving correctly or are repeatedly trying to license unauthorised devices or make printed copies.

  How to protect Training courses: Secure Training courses from piracy, sharing & theft

The Safeguard Implementation Guide For Training Course Providers addresses how training course providers can use Locklizard controls to simplify the creation of training course materials, and makes suggestions about how to simplify your administration for delivering courses direct to end customers or to instructors.

Whether you provide medical education courses or bioengineering training, marine engineering or engineering and maintenance training, aircraft / flight training,  IT courseware or schools courseware, language training, management training or general business courses, Locklizard can help you protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use and misuse.

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Secure Training Courses: Protecting Training Course content

Safeguard PDF Security enables you to securely deliver training courses to students both online and offline

  • Stop Sharing & Theft

    Training courses are automatically secured against unauthorized sharing – being passed to others for free, or content being copied without permission.

    • Courses are automatically locked to authorized users devices – if course files are copied to another device they will no longer be accessible.
    • Course content cannot be copied and pasted from an open document.

    • Screen grabbing is prevented (even from remote applications) to stop users taking high quality screen grabs, unless you specifically allow this.
  • Stop printing or limit prints

    Disallow printing of course material, allow unlimited printing, or allow a limited number of high quality copies.

    If you allow printing then:

    • watermarks with user details (name, email, etc.) can be dynamically applied at print time to identify the source if a photocopy is made
    • you can track print use – log when prints are made, by who, when, how many times, and from what devices

    • we automatically prevent printing to file drivers (XPS, PDF, etc.) so users cannot print courses directly to unprotected file formats
  • Device & Location locking

    Control the devices and locations your training courses can be accessed from.

    • Training courses are automatically locked to authorized user devices so that they cannot be shared with others
    • You can optionally lock use to locations (e.g. a physical training location) to prevent use on BYOD outside authorized locations

    • You can control the number of devices your training courses are used on
  • Expiry & Revoking Access

    Control how long courses are used – make course content available for a specified period of time (ensure outdated content is no longer available), and revoke access instantly if you think courses are being misused.

    Expire courses after a number of days use, views, prints, or on a fixed date.

    The same course can be set to expire at different times for different users.  You can expire content after a number of days use rather than a fixed date so users can start a course when they are available but only have say 30 days from the date of first use.

  • Dynamic Watermarks

    If you want to allow screen grabbing and printing then you can add dynamic watermarks to training course content.  When courses are viewed and printed, user and system information is dynamically inserted which identify the user (name, email,etc.), and shows the date/time, etc.

    You only have to protect a training course once for all users rather than having to protect training courses individually for each user in order to display unique user information.

  • Track Use

    Track views and prints to see what courses users are actively using.

    See when courses were opened, who viewed them, on what devices and from where.

    See how often they are being used and instantly revoke access if you think they are being misused.

  • Simple Administration with Publications

    By using publications you can add new content to existing elearning courses without having to assign access to individual users each time – if a user has been given access to a publication they can view any new content you publish to that publication automatically.

    You can also use publicatons to bundle together multiple training courses to simplify assigning user access.

    Users can subscribe to a course and they will automatically be able to use all course content (multiple PDF files) without you having to give them access to each individual file.

  • No useless Passwords or plugins

    There are no passwords or codes for users to enter so users cannot share your courses along with a key to access them with others.  Why you should not password protect PDF files.

    Keys are transparently and securely transferred to authorized devices and locked to those devices so they cannot be shared.

    We don’t use plugins to existing applications.  We use our own secure viewers so you can be confident your protected documents will continue to be accessible after application updates and are not compromised by other plugins.

  • Zero installation Viewers

    Works with all major Operating Systems and devices – users can install a secure Viewer on a device, or view protected training course content on a USB device or in the browser for a zero installation solution.

    Truly portable – our unique offline USB security solution enables you to protect training courses to a USB stick that can be carried around with the student and plugged into any Windows computer.

    Our Web Viewer enables users to view protected training courses in their browser on any device.

  • Simple to use

    Our DRM software is simple to use:

    • Secure courses by right clicking on them in Windows File Explorer, or automate protection using command line.
    • Manage users and document access from a web portal and delegate admin duties to multiple administrators.

    • Automate user creation and assigning of document access with ecommerce integration.  Ensure 24×7 delivery of license information and training course access.
    • Easy integration with any LMS (Learning Management System) – protected PDF files are just like any other document in the LMS.

  • Secure Distribution

    Unprotected content always remains under your control.

    • Secure training courses on your local computer – no uploading of unprotected files to the cloud where they could be compromised
    • Distribute protected training courses just like any other file – upload them to the cloud, your web site, send by email or distribute on CD, USB, etc.

  • Cost Savings

    No charges per course sold – just a one off fee for unlimited courses and users.

Whether you provide digital training courses (online or offline), certification programs, diploma and test preparation programs, professional resources, or share files remotely with faculty members, Safeguard PDF Security provides the ultimate in training course protection and educational content security – protect your IPR and revenue streams no matter where your content resides.

Why Locklizard to secure training courses?

Protect training courses without passwords – stop sharing, piracy & theft

Locklizard takes your training course protection seriously.

Our DRM Security products enable you to sell and share training courses securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforces access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Revoke training courses at any time regardless of where they are located.

With US Gov strength encryption, DRM and licensing controls, our DRM technology ensures your secure training courses remain safe no matter where they reside.

See our customer testimonials and read our case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard to securely share and sell their training courses.

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