How to send PDFs securely by email

Using encryption & DRM to send PDF files securely.

When sending PDF files securely by email you need to think about protection in transit and ensuring only the correct recipients can view them.  Then consider controlling what users can do with those PDFs once they have received them to provide overarching security. Read more

GDPR & document protection

How to send personal information over the web and comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is causing businesses a lot of pain over how to protect sensitive personal data.  This includes not only data at rest but sending documents securely, keeping sensitive data under your control, and complying with GDPR policies such as data retention.  This is easier to achieve than you think. Read more

Why DRM is is better than access controls for document security

Document security, access controls, & DRM.

Document security requires a lot more functionality than access controls to deliver a logical series of controls.  Here we look at how and why the extra controls in DRM are essential to delivering secure document systems. Read more

Is dataroom security adequate for secure document sharing?

Data room security & secure document sharing.

Many companies look to online data rooms or virtual data rooms for securing documents with third parties.  But are they as secure as they appear?  If you are looking to share documents securely in the cloud then be careful what you are buying. Read more

Document Security – why secure documents?

Document Security systems & Viewers.

Many businesses need to secure documents to prevent unathorized use and enable secure document sharing.  But what document security system should you invest in, and what secure document viewers are best for your business – web, installed, or plugins? Read more