Document DRM, DCMA & EUCD

The EU Copyright Directive – how does it affect publishers?

The European Copyright Directive (EUCD) sets new copyright regulations to help protect IPR.  Is it enough however to protect documents and other published information or is document DRM the way forward for Publishers?
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Document Encryption & DRM

Document DRM: Replacing Encryption as the Standard for Document Protection.

Encryption is used to protect files but does not control the distribution of information – once a user can decrypt a file they can do what they like with it.  DRM is better able to protect content from copying & redistribution.
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Microsoft RMS Document Security

Is Microsoft RMS a secure method of protecting documents?

Microsoft has defined RMS policy as a source of weakness in controls rather than a failure of cryptography.  This means that letting someone see the document was tantamount to giving it away.  So how secure is it for protecting documents? Read more

Finance Document Protection

Securing documents for Financial Advisers.

Financial advisors need to share sensitive information with auditors, investors, analysts and other third parties without compromising the security of their documents. DRM enables financial to comply with regulation and share documents securely. Read more

Document DRM & the honor system

Document, email & PDF DRM honor systems.

Document, PDF and email DRM relying on the honor system is like putting up a sign asking a burglar nicely not to steal your property.  In practise you need proper security (e.g. a decent lock) and some way of enforcing effective controls. Read more