How to add a confidential watermark to a PDF document that is permanent

Adding secure non-removable, dynamic, & confidential text and image watermarks.

Adobe, Word & Office watermarks are useless because they are easily removed. Here’s how to watermark a PDF securely.
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PDF Password or Certificate Encryption?

Certificates or Passwords for PDF encryption – which is best?

Should you use passwords or certificates to protect confidential and sensitive business documents from leakage and misuse, or is there a better way?
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How to encrypt a PDF securely

What’s the best way to encrypt a PDF: Adobe Acrobat, Word, or PDF DRM encryption software?

How to encrypt a PDF using Adobe, Word, online tools and PDF DRM.  How good is password protection for PDF encryption, how to send encrypted files via email, and what encryption software is best for business?
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How to make a PDF expire

How to put an expiry date on a PDF & automatically expire PDF files & documents.

Here we cover how PDF expiry works, adding an expiry date to a PDF document, and automatically expiring PDF files after a number of days, opens, and prints.
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