PDF Digital Signatures & Encryption

Are Digital Signatures & Block Encryption Secure?

Discover why digitally signing a PDF does not ensure document integrity (digitally signed content can be altered) and why using block encryption makes a PDF less secure.

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Protect Revenue Generating Content

Stop Theft / Piracy of Revenue Generating Documents.

How different industries use DRM to protect against revenue loss by stopping piracy, sharing and theft of commercially sold documents.
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Selling elearning courses securely

Intellectual Property Protection for Online Courses & Training.

When elearning courses are delivered outside a controlled classroom environment you need a secure DRM system in place to protect courses and course content from theft, unauthorized sharing and distribution.
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Document Security Certifications

Document security solutions, certifications and systems redundancy.

Are security certifications and systems redundancy all they cracked up to be?  Quality standards may tell you about the process but not about the implementation and updates will render previous certifications invalid.
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Digital Libraries & Ebook DRM

Controlling ebook distribution and lending periods.

How digital libraries differ from physical ones and how ebook DRM can be used to control distribution and enforce lending periods and copyright – controlled digital lending with copy, print and expiry controls.
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