How to sell Research Reports securely

How to sell research reports online securely: stop sharing, copying, protect revenue.

How to ensure research reports you sell online are not copied, shared, edited or pirated. Protect your revenue by controlling access to and use of your reports.
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How to make a PDF read only permanently

How to save, create or make a PDF read only.

Why creating read only PDF files using PDF password protection is pointless. How to make a PDF read only permanently and save fillable PDFs  as read-only to prevent editing, copying & printing.
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How to send a secure PDF

What’s the safest way to send a PDF securely via email?

How to send secure PDF attachments securely via email.  Why TLS, password & certificate encryption and Adobe permissions fail to adequately protect PDF files for sharing.
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Best ways to protect Research Data

How to protect research data from unauthorized access, sharing, editing, copying & printing.

What are the best copy protection solutions & strategies to protect research data from leakage, theft and misuse and how to securely share data.
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