Protecting & viewing multiple file types / document formats with DRM

Are native applications an advantage for DRM protected documents?

There are many DRM confidential content control systems available that appear, at least from the literature of their suppliers, to be able to apply DRM content control to many different types of files. Read more

Ebook DRM and license transfer

Selling books in the digital age – are digital rights exhausting?

In the physical (paper) world Copyright has gotten well established as to what the ground rules are when dealing with books.  You sell a book.  Well and good.  In the USA and the EU (under different but similar law) the purchaser can sell the book on to a third party when they have finished with it.

Now the clincher to the deal is that they cannot retain a copy and continue to use it.  The simple control is that the purchaser will not pay unless they get the one and only paper copy (first edition, hardbound, paperback, signed copy, with cover, and so on) at the bargain price. Read more

Remote file deletion, document shredding & DRM

Can you remotely delete files or shred documents?

Thank goodness the DRM industry does not take itself too seriously.  There’s nothing worse than a group of sanctimonious zealots letting off steam about control of books that you can or can’t read.

Or is there? Read more

The (surp)rise of HTML5

Is HTML5 going to take over the DRM world, or are more established formats such as PDF likely to prosper?

Lately it seems that the DRM world has found HTML5 again, perhaps having tired of the various machinations of the XML world (a huge library of XML standard message formats is available at XML Standards Library), or perhaps because W3C decided to include an API  to discover, select and interact with DRM systems as well as with simpler content encryption systems.  It does not define what DRM may or may not be.  In fact the design of the system is to push DRM handling and management to the page authors. Read more