Trade secret protection

Protection of trade secrets from theft.

There are many reasons why sensitive corporate information has to be handled as a trade secret rather than Copyright or Patent.  Here’s how to protect trade secrets in digital documents from unauthorized access and passing on.
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Protecting confidential documents

Protection of commercially sensitive and confidential documents.

Protecting confidential and commercially sensitive documents requires more than just encryption. Here we explain why document DRM is required to control how documents are used once they have been distributed.
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Invisible or visible watermarks?

Watermarking – invisible watermarks (secret) or visible (public)?

Invisible watermarks are great for protecting images from copyright infringement but don’t work so well with documents.  This blog explains why visible watermarks are more effective as a document copy deterrent.
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Document Security Methods

Types of document security methods for protecting digital documents.

There are many different types of document security methods to choose from – password protection, public key technology, and tokens to name a few.  So what is best for digital document protection?
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PDF Passwords are obsolete

Why PDF password protection is useless for protecting PDF files.

PDF password protection may seem a quick and easy option to protect PDF files but it provides a fig leaf of security at best.  If you want to protect PDF documents securely then you need to look at PDF DRM solutions.
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