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Training course protection

Training Course Copy Protection – stop sharing, theft, piracy, control use

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Why Locklizard to protect training courses & online course content from theft?

Locklizard protects your training courses & content from piracy: stop copying, protect your IPR & revenue

  • Control course Access

    Stop training content from being stolen.  Control the devices and locations your elearning courses can be accessed from.

    • Training courses are automatically locked to authorized user devices so that they cannot be shared with others – if a protected course is copied to another device it will not open
    • Optionally lock use to locations (e.g. a physical training location) to prevent use on BYOD outside authorized locations – if a protected course is accessed outside an authorized location it will not open

    • Control the number of devices your training courses can be used on – let users access protected courses from a single or multiple devices
  • Control how course content is used

    Protect your courses from being copied.  DRM controls ensure your course content remains tightly under your control at all times.

    • Stop screen grabbing (even from remote connections)
    • Stop printing, allow printing, or limit the number of prints

    • Expire training courses after a number of days use, views, prints, or on a fixed date

      By using expiry you can be certain only the latest course content can be accessed.  Training courses can be set to expire at different times for different users by changing access dates on the Safeguard Administration system.

    • Revoke training courses and/or user access instantly regardless of location
  • Simple access management with Publications

    When you protect training courses, you can decide to give access to all authorized users, specific users, or those with access to publications (e.g. a complete training course or set of courses).

    By using publications you can add new content to existing training courses without having to assign access to individual users each time – if a user has been given access to a publication they can view any new content you publish to that publication automatically.

    You can also use publicatons to bundle together multiple training courses to simplify assigning user access.

  • Dynamic Watermarks to identify users

    If you want to allow screen grabbing and printing then you can add dynamic watermarks to training course content.

    When courses are viewed and printed, user and system information is dynamically inserted which identify the user (name, email,etc.), and shows the date/time, etc.

    You only have to protect a training course once for all users rather than having to protect training courses individually for each user in order to display unique user information.

  • Track Use & see how often courses are being used

    Track views and prints to see what courses users are actively using.

    See when courses were opened, who viewed them, on what devices and from where.

    See how often they are being used and instantly revoke access if you think they are being misused.

  • Secure Distribution & courseware delivery

    Unprotected content always remains under your control.

    • Secure training courses on your local computer – no uploading of unprotected files to the cloud where they could be compromised
    • Secure courseware delivery.  Distribute protected training courses just like any other file – upload them to the cloud, your web site, send by email or distribute on CD, USB, etc.

  • Zero installation Viewers

    If you don’t want users to have to install a Viewer then you can publish training courses securely for use with our zero installation Viewers:

  • Simple to use

    Our training course copy protection software is simple to use – secure courses by right clicking on PDF files in Windows File Explorer.

    The choose your copy protection options from Safeguard’s tabbed dialog.

    Manage users and document access from a web portal and delegate admin duties to multiple administrators.

  • No Passwords

    There are no passwords or codes for users to enter.  Why you should not password protect PDF files.

    Keys are transparently and securely transferred to authorized devices and locked to those devices so they cannot be shared.

  • Cost Savings

    No charges per course sold – just a one off fee for unlimited users and courses.

Locklizard takes protection of your training course content seriously, enforcing intellectual property protection for online courses & training.  Sell training courses securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Our DRM technology ensures your course content and materials remain safe no matter where they reside with US Gov Strength encryption, licensing, and DRM controls.  Course content is decrypted in memory and no temporary files are used.  Intellectual property protection for online courses & training – stop training content from being stolen, copy protect courseware, prevent cheating in online exams, and protect your online learning content from being copied and illegally distributed.

Protect training course content & courseware from piracy with DRM security – stop sharing & theft

What is training course copy protection?

Training course copy protection (of digitally based training courses) allows the training course provider to prevent students and customers from being able to make copies of their IPR work or being able to freely distribute it to others.

Training course providers are familiar with the need to protect the training information that they often have to provide to their customers over the Internet, or on removable media, CD, DVD, etc.

The biggest problem with training course protection is figuring out what is/are the really important pieces  of knowledge, and which are not.  And therefore what you should be protecting.

For the training course provider, the idea that they are so finely organized that they already know, in the minute detail that the Law appears to demand, exactly which information ought to be protected (because it could readily be sold to the people next door) is not realistic.  So training course copy protection becomes an important topic.  If you cannot protect all the elements of your IPR it could be difficult to prove that it was yours in the first place.

Of course, one of the great problems with training course materials is delivering them at all.  They are usually a mixture of file formats, and not just one file type.  Some of the information is public domain – you cannot, in all honesty, apply DRM controls to the works of William Shakespeare or Plato or Mark Twain, and your customers would be right to give you a hard time if you did.  Some of the information is not.

So any training course copy protection system that provides intellectual property protection for online courses, courseware, and training materials, has to be capable of being told which pages of information are to be protected and which are not.  And some of the training course materials may be printed because the student may need to be able to refer to it offline, whilst other materials must not be printed out because they contain information about the correct answers to tests and information about student assessments that must be strictly controlled.

  Protect training course content & courseware materials with DRM security

How to protect your courses & course content from theft

To protect your courses and course content from theft you need to use both encryption (to control access to courseware) and DRM (to control how content is used by authorized users).

Locklizard uses both of these security technologies to ensure that only those authorized can access your courses, and that once they are accessed, use of content is tightly controlled.

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Locklizard provides both online course security and offline course security, ensuring that course content is protected from theft and misuse regardless of how it is stored or accessed.

Download training course copy protection software

Download DRM security software that provides training course copy protection and prevents unauthorized use and misuse of your training courses and content.  Protect your courses from being copied and shared.  Deliver courses securely and protect online learning content, courseware, course content and materials from theft.

Stop training content being stolen and misused – control who can view your training courses, what they can do with them (copy, print, etc.) and when they can no longer be viewed (expire).  Locklizard uses DRM controls and US government strength encryption  to stop piracy of your intellectual property and training course content.  Our DRM security provides total intellectual property protection, provides secure courseware eDelivery for education services, and secure courseware delivery for course content and training materials in PDF format. Enforce copyright ownership and control use of eLearning course materials and courseware.

See our customer testimonials or read our case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard to protect their training courses and stop IPR theft.

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