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PDF document protection with PDF DRM Controls

Safeguard PDF Security is PDF DRM software that controls access to and use of your PDF documents.

Protect PDF files without passwords or certificatesStop copying, modifying, printing (or limit prints), and screen shots.  Prevent PDF files from being shared and distributed across the Internet.  Control PDF expiry, revoke access to secure PDF documents, and apply permanent & dynamic watermarks to content.

PDF protection with PDF DRM security to protect PDF files

Safeguard PDF Security stops unauthorized distribution of your PDFs, controls what users can do with them, and how long they can be used.

Protect PDF files from unauthorized:
  • viewing and printing
  • modifying and copying
  • saving and sharing
  • printing to file, PDF format, & image printers
  • screenshots (stops print screen & screen grabbers)
You decide:
  • when documents can no longer be viewed
  • when user accounts expire
  • whether users can view protected PDFs offline or only when connected to the Internet
  • whether users can view protected PDFs in thin client and virtual environments
You can enforce:
  • the number of views
  • the number of prints (or prevent printing altogether)
  • document expiry – expire PDFs on a fixed date, or after a no. of days, views, prints
  • document revocation
  • document retention periods and policies – ensure they are inaccessible when their valid life finishes
Lock PDFs to devices

Lock PDFs to:

  • specific computers, mobiles, or tablet devices
  • USB sticks (no installation, instant offline access)

or enable Web Viewer use (no installation) for viewing protected documents in a browser on any Operating System.

Secure Document Distribution
  • Secure PDFs on your local computer – no uploading of unprotected files to servers outside of your control.
  • Distribute your protected PDFs just like any other files.
  • Share documents securely and sell PDFs securely – stop unauthorized sharing, piracy, leakage & theft.
  • Safeguard PDF Security ensures your PDFs are safe both at rest and in transit.

Safeguard PDF security protects PDFs regardless of where they are stored or to who they are sent.  It enforces the document security policy governing their use, and allows you to dynamically change access – even after distribution.  Why Safeguard is better than secure data rooms.

Simple User & Document Management
  • Manage user accounts and document records online with our web-based administration system (hosted on our servers or yours).
  • Manage subscription customers using our unique publications.
  • Secure and transparent key management – no passwords, certificates or keys to enter, manage, or distribute.
  • Batch protect PDFs without user intervention using our command line PDF encryption for completely automated PDF protection.
  • Incorporate Safeguard PDF DRM security into your ecommerce system for secure 24×7 management of your protected PDFs (for instant license delivery for your PDFs).

Safeguard PDF Security is simple to use, quick to implement, and totally flexible.

Secure & Dynamic Watermarks
System and user information (name, email address, date/time, etc.) can be dynamically displayed on any protected PDF when printed and/or viewed without you having to protect each file individually for each user.

Dynamic PDF watermarks provide additional PDF protection against photocopies being taken of printed copies, or users taking photos of the screen with their mobile devices because they identify the user.

Unlike Adobe watermarks, or those applied using MS Office or PDF editing software, Safeguard PDF watermarks are permanent and cannot be easily removed.

PDF Security for Intellectual Property Protection
Safeguard PDF Security provides total PDF DRM protection for your documents through a multi-layered protection mechanism that does not rely on PDF password protection.  A secure PDF viewer (installed or browser-based) provides smart enforcement of PDF encryption and PDF DRM controls and ensures you and your users are not exposed to PDF document security flaws.

If you need complete PDF protection for your confidential or sensitive documents, want total control over how they are used, wish to scale up from password protecting PDFs where security can be easily removed, then the Safeguard PDF Document Security software is for you.

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