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Stop Document Copying

Stop copy paste, copying & screen grabbing of PDF documents

Stopping document copying and misuse

When protecting PDF documents, encryption alone is not enough – that only stops unauthorized users accessing PDF files. That is why DRM is needed to stop authorized users from misusing documents.

A good PDF DRM system will lock PDF files to devices so they cannot be shared and stop document copying by preventing use of copy/paste, screen grabs, and printing.

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Stop Document Copying

  • Stop unauthorized access and sharing
  • Control use – stop printing, copying, editing, etc.
  • Lock PDFs to devices, countries, locations
  • User and PDF expiry, revoke files at any time

Stopping document copying with Safeguard PDF security

Safeguard’s document protection

Safeguard stops document copying by controlling what users can do document content and provides additional security features to control document use:

  1. Stop users editing, copying and pasting content.
  2. Stop printing.
  3. Stop sharing – PDF files are locked to authorized devices so they cannot be shared with others.
  4. Add dynamic watermarks to viewed and or printed pages.  Dynamic variables replace actual user and system data when the document is viewed/printed so you only have to protect the document once for all users.
  5. Stop screen grabbing applications (even from remote connections) and prevent use of Windows print screen.
Additional document protection features
  • Lock documents to locations
  • Log document views and prints
  • Expire PDF files after a number of days, views, prints, or on a fixed date
  • Revoke PDFs at any time regardless of where they reside
  • There are no passwords for users to enter, manage, or remove

Safeguard’s PDF Security measures to stop document copying

Safeguard PDF Security uses various security methods to stop copying and pasting of PDF content, use of Windows Print screen and prevention of screen grabbers.

   Prevent copy & paste

Safeguard PDF Security automatically prevents users from copying and pasting PDF content.  Document text and images cannot be highlighted in the secure PDF Viewer and copy and paste mechanisms are deactivated.

   Stopping Windows Print Screen and Screen Grabbers

Safeguard PDF Security deploys various methods to stop Windows Print Screen and third party screen grabbers from taking screenshots of your protected PDF files.  Screen grabber protection is active by default, and a wide range of third party screen grabber applications are prevented from taking screenshots of your documents.  This works against a list of known screen grabber applications, and also prevents the use of copy and paste.  While the Secure Viewer is running, Windows Print Screen cannot be used with any application.

As an additional security measure you can apply a screen mask (image) to be displayed on top of your protected PDF documents if the mouse focus is moved away from the Secure PDF Viewer window.  Using this option prevents users invoking screen capture applications that need to be activated by selecting options from that application in order to capture the screen.

Safeguard PDF Security also provides an enhanced screen grabber protection option which adds another layer of security to Safeguard’s standard screen grabber protection by writing additional data to the display to confuse certain screen grabber applications.  This also stops remote applications from grabbing screenshots.

   Stopping Document Copying

If a user sends a protected PDF document to another user, then they won’t be able to view it unless you have authorized them to do so.  Each protected PDF document is encrypted and is locked to an authorized device.  No decryption keys are ever disclosed to the user, and content is decrypted in memory rather than to temporary files on a disk.  This prevents users copying unprotected documents and sharing them with others.

Documents can also be locked to locations so users cannot view and print them outside locations that have been authorized (e.g. the workplace).

   Stopping Document Printing

If you allow printing then users can either photocopy or scan documents back in to produce a new digital copy.  So stopping printing is another method of stopping document copying.  Safeguard PDF Security stops printing by default (you can also allow printing or limit the number of prints) and log when documents are printed to see if they are being misused.

   Preventing Document Sharing with Watermarks

There are limits to any PDF DRM system, and what is displayed on the screen could be photographed, and printed copies could be photocopied.

To discourage users sharing documents in this manner, Safeguard PDF Security enables you to apply dynamic watermarks to a document.  You specify what variables you want to apply when you protect a PDF (e.g. users name and email address) and this information is dynamically inserted when the protected PDF document is viewed and/or printed.  Because the information is inserted dynamically, you only have to protect the document once for the correct user’s details to be displayed.  You can have different watermark text and images displayed for both viewed and printed documents.

Why Locklizard for PDF Document Protection?

Document Protection without passwords

Locklizard takes your document protection seriously.

We stop document copying and sharing by using US Gov strength AES encryption, public key technology, DRM and licensing controls to ensure your PDF documents remain protected no matter where they reside.

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