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PDF DRM – prevent pdf save/saving, print/printing, copy/copying

   PDF Document Protection Controls

  • Complete and secure control over PDF document usage.  Protect PDF documents from unauthorized viewing, printing (or limit printing to a number of times), copying, modifying, saving (prevent pdf save), screen grabbing, etc.
  • Automatically prevents document copying, modifying and saving
  • Automatically prevents use of Windows print screen and common third party screen grabber applications
  • Automatically prevents printing to file, PDF format (Acrobat distiller and other PDF print drivers), common image printers, etc.
  • User and document expiry – you decide how long users can view your protected PDF documents.  Great for subscription services, and time limited trials/documents.
  • Expire documents on a certain date, after a number of days, after a number of views, or after a number of prints
  • Individual publication expiry on a user basis for simple subscription management
  • Decide whether users must be online to view your protected PDF documents (permanently, every n days, if an Internet connection is available), or whether they can be viewed offline.
  • Instant user and document revocation – terminate access to a protected PDF document instantly
  • Control the locations (i.e. office only) from where secure PDF documents can be used *
  • Limit the number of document views and/or prints, and instantly terminate access once this number is reached
  • Enforces document retention periods and policies
  • Ability to change print and view controls even after publication.  Documents can be protected without printing enabled and prints granted on an individual user basis
  • Suspend published documents to enforce document start times, and alter their expiry dates
  • Prevent or allow use in thin client and virtual environments (e.g. Citrix)

* Enterprise PDF DRM only

   Auditing and Reports

  • See when users have registered for your service, and from where
  • Log document views (opens) and prints *
  • View your 5 most accessed, printed and viewed documents and see who is using them *
  • Log system activity – logons, logoffs, users/documents added, deleted, etc.
  • Log ecommerce activity – what commands were run, by whom and when
  • See when license emails have been delivered, opened, bounced etc.
  • Log sub-administrator actions and events *
  • Generate user, document, publication, and system activity reports – e.g. list of users that can access document X, list of expired users, documents viewed/printed over the last month and by whom *

* Enterprise PDF DRM only

   Company Branding

  • Enforce your own house style and appearance by ensuring that documents may only be seen in the format you have decided
  • Customizable message text for unauthorized use, and customizable expiry messages/URL *
  • Choice of displaying or not a document splash screen
  • Watermarks – display custom text and images on screen and printouts
  • Display an optional welcome message (web page) when a user first opens a document/ebook *
  • Send emails from your own domain name
  • Optionally brand the Viewer window with your company logo – see Publisher Own Branding.

* Enterprise PDF DRM only

   Ease of Use

  • Choice of installation or zero installation Viewers (Web Viewer & Secure USB Viewer) to suit user requirements
  • Administration system designed for large numbers of users, documents and publications with enhanced search and sort filters for quick, advanced, and detailed lookups
  • Batch changes – apply changes to all your users or multiple users in one go – e.g. grant all users or grant selected users access to a document or publication *
  • License transfer – suspend and enable individual licenses.  Protected PDF documents can no longer be viewed on computers that have had their license suspended *
  • Unique concept of publications for simpler PDF document management
  • Offline / online access management – control how long a user can access your protected PDF documents offline
  • Complete off-line PDF document protection – no need for users to connect to the Internet to view existing protected PDF documents
  • Real-time web based licensing control and transparent user authorization
  • 5 minute set up – existing user information can be imported and no configuring of servers is required
  • Simple to protect PDF documents (just right-click in Windows Explorer), simple to use, simple to administer
  • Multiple processing of PDF files, plus batch automation (no manual input required) with our pdf command line encryption utility **
  • Complete integration with your existing e-commerce system to help provide 24×7 delivery of your protected PDF documents with our ecommerce interface **
  • Completely managed system (fully hosted by us) or hosted on your own server **
  • Data import and export for simple user and document management
  • Choice of registration emails being sent on a global or individual user basis and license files as either file attachments or as embedded links
  • Control sub-administrators with separate login details, auditing, and access rights *
  • Backup and restore system data *

* Enterprise PDF DRM only
** Additional charges apply for e-commerce integration, command line utility and hosting on your own server

   PDF Document Protection

  • Bullet proof PDF document protection – public key technology and US Government strength encryption (AES), strong PDF DRM controls
  • No passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others
  • No insecure plug-ins or weak implementations – see Our DRM Technology
  • Persistent end-to-end PDF document protection throughout your documents life-cycle
  • Complete control over PDF document protection inside or outside the firewall, online and offline
  • Only you host and distribute your PDF documents – we never have access to them
  • PDF Watermarks – display dynamic system variables and user information on your viewed and/or printed documents to reduce piracy and enforce accountability
  • Restrict document use to countries and IP addresses *
  • Protected PDF documents are locked to authorized computers ensuring they cannot be shared

* Enterprise PDF DRM only

   Additional PDF Document Protection Features

  • FREE multi-lingual secure PDF viewer software (nothing for users to purchase)
  • Zero installation viewer with Safeguard Web Viewer or USB Viewer
  • Ensure users are always using the latest viewer software by enforcing updates
  • No limit to the number of PDF documents you can protect or the number of users that view your protected PDF documents
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