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Why Locklizard for Document Copy Control?

Locklizard document DRM provides strong copy control without passwords

  • Strong Security

    Locklizard enforces document copy control with strong security:

    • US Gov approved AES encryption.
    • Licensing controls to authorize users and devices.
    • No passwords – there are no passwords or codes for users to enter so they cannot be shared.  Keys are transparently and securely transferred to authorized devices and locked to those devices.  Users cannot therefore share access information, and therefore your protected documents with others.
    • No plugins – plugins can put your protected PDF documents at risk – see Adobe PDF Security Plugins & Plug-in Vulnerabilities but they also provide many other problems.
    • No insecure temporary files are created – documents are only ever decrypted in memory.
    • DRM controls are part of the document and cannot be removed.
    • Protect documents on your local computer – no uploading of unprotected files to the cloud.
  • Device & location locking

    Control the devices and locations your documents can be accessed from.

    • Automatically locks use to authorized devices to prevent sharing.
    • Control the number of devices for each user that your documents can be used on.
    • Lock use to locations to control where your documents can be used from (e.g. office only).  This enables you to easily control BYOD use since courses on a mobile device will be available for use in the office but not when taken home.
    • Lock use to countries to prevent documents being made available in certain worldwide regions.
  • DRM Controls

    DRM controls ensure documents cannot be copied or shared – you retain full control over access and use at all times.

    • Stop screen grabbing – stops users taking high quality screen grabs using screen grabbing tools
    • Stop printing (or limit the number of prints).  If printing is allowed then we automatically prevent printing to file drivers (e.g. PDF files)
    • Expire documents after a number of days use, views, prints, or on a fixed date
    • Revoke documents and/or user access instantly regardless of where they are located
  • Dynamic Watermarks

    Add dynamic watermarks to viewed and/or printed content.  Dynamic variables are replaced by user data at print/view time.

    You only have to protect a document once for all users rather than having to protect documents individually for each user in order to display unique user information (name, email, etc.) that identifies the user.

    Document watermarks help discourage photocopying of printed content and photographing of displayed content since users can be easily identified and held accountable if copies are shared.

  • Simple to use

    Our document security software is simple to use – protect documents by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

    Distribute protected documents just like any other file.

    Manage users and document access using our web-based administration system.

    Automate document protection with command line encryption, and user management & access with our API tools.  No manual intervention is required.

  • Cost Savings

    No charges per document or user – just a one off fee for unlimited use.

Locklizard enables you to enforce document copy control regardless of where your documents reside.  Share and sell documents securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Our DRM technology ensures your documents remain safe with US Gov Strength encryption, licensing, and DRM controls.  Document content is decrypted in memory and no temporary files are used.

What is copy control & document copy control?

Copy control is the ability to control if a user may make copies of something.  For a document, this may be print copies or computer copies or both.

Copy control may be difficult to achieve.  In the article on copy prevention we noted that stopping people from copying computer files is very difficult indeed, if not almost impossible, and copy control is very similar.

At one level of copy control, it is impossible to stop someone from sitting in front of a computer screen with a camera and taking a picture of every screen they see (just as you cannot stop someone from putting a tape recorder in front of the loudspeakers of a hi-fi unit and recording what is being played back).  Sometimes the laws of physics get in the way of the desires of companies to be able to protect their IPR.

At another level, it can be made very difficult or very inconvenient for someone to be able to make a copy of something.  After all, it isn’t everyone who has a camera capable of taking good quality pictures from a high resolution screen in order to produce an acceptable quality copy, just as it isn’t everyone who has a studio quality recording system to make a decent copy of their favorite CD track.  Hey, it’s so much easier if you can just do it on the computer because the copies are always perfect!

Enforcing copy control

So getting some ability to impose copy control may not be so simple.  You may, as the article on copy-prevention noted, make sure that only the authorized user can make copies, but if they can make copies that someone else can then use, you are back to square one.

As the video industry finally figured out, if you have a copy control system where the quality of the copy is acceptable, but not better, and certainly not top quality, then you might have a system that works for both suppliers and customers.  Because customers can have printed reference copies that are alright, but nothing better, because the main on-screen copy is better quality and gives them the real result.

So copy control is about making sure that where you do authorize copies to be made of your intellectual property, you have digital rights management tools in place that enable you to make sure that the quality of copies is not sufficiently good that the copies can undermine the value of your work.

Document DRM enables you to enforce additional copy control measures such as stopping sharing, copy/paste, editing, printing, and preventing high-resolution screenshots from being taken with screen grabber tools.  Document DRM controls what users can view your documents, what they can do with them (copy/paste, edit, print, etc.) and when they can no longer be viewed (expire).

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Stop copying of documents & control document use

Download document copy protection software with DRM controls that protects documents published in PDF format from being copied, shared and misused.

Using US Government strength encryption (AES) and digital rights management controls to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of your documents, you control who views your documents, what they can do with them (copy, print, etc.) and when they can no longer be viewed (expire).

Total document copy protection without insecure passwords, plugins, or javascript.

See our customer testimonials and read our case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard document copy protection to securely share and sell their documents.

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