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This page contains information on PDC cracks and unprotection programs, cracks for Locklizard Safeguard PDC files – PDC Unprotect and PDC-Unprotector prgrams and PDC cracks / PDC Un-protector to unprotect or unlock Locklizard PDC files.

Locklizard Cracked Product Versions

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There are many ‘cracks’ available for software posted on the Internet – enter any word in Google and a claimed cracked will appear for it.  Most ‘cracks’ are just links to download sites or torrent sites with a link to the program name and the word ‘crack’ automatically inserted.  Other available downloads are just viruses and spyware.

How to remove Locklizard protection – Locklizard PDC Un-Protector

A program called Locklizard PDC Un-Protector claims to unprotect PDC files by allowing you to save them as unprotected PDF files.

Not only does it not work but, from closer examination, it seems this ingenious cracking solution contains code to make your system unstable and report back on user activities – it is either a virus or spyware.

  • There is no option to save PDC files as unprotected PDF files in our secure Viewer software or print to PDF format.
  • You cannot enable printing or bypass printing if a Publisher has disabled the print function.
  • If a Publisher has enabled screen grabber protection then you cannot use screen grabbing tools to screen capture protected PDF files.

DRM Removal: Downloading Cracking Programs & Hacks from Torrent Sites

We do not recommend that you download cracks from cracking and torrent sites unless you want to:

  • make your Operating System unstable
  • risk your system being infected by viruses: cracks generally contain nested viruses which can damage your computer
  • install ransomware
  • have your user activity reported back to an unknown organization


If you choose to download programs that are not from the official Locklizard web site then you take full and personal responsibility for anything that happens as a result. Locklizard strictly recommend that you only obtain software from properly authorized sellers and suppliers.

Our publisher customers have the right to expect to be paid for the works that they sell, and not to have them pirated.  While some may claim that they have the right to make copies for personal study, that does not include the right to make copies of anything ever published for ‘personal study’ or to make copies for others for their ‘personal study’.  DRM controls exist to allow publishers to make reasonable economic returns from their efforts.