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News on our document security & PDF DRM copy protection software

This page contains the latest product release news for our DRM (digital rights management) and document copy protection software – Safeguard PDF DRM security and Enterprise PDF Rights Management.


  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2021

Safeguard Android Secure PDF Viewer gets new quick start guide

Date: August 17th 2021

Summary: New quick start guide added to help beginners, GUI improvements and bug fixes

Safeguard Secure Android Viewer has been updated with new features and fixes.

Android Viewer updates include:

  • New tutorial / quick start guide
  • GUI changes for quick access to options
  • Support for the latest OS versions
  • General bug fixes

Safeguard Android Secure PDF Viewer – new release

Date: July 7th 2021

Summary: 64 bit support, new interface, annotations and multiple document import

Safeguard Secure Android Viewer has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new interface and many new features.

Android Viewer updates include:

  • 64 bit support
  • New interface
  • Annotations – highlight, strikethrough & underline text
  • Navigation Drawer for faster access to menu items
  • Search within sub-folders in the library
  • Document import supports SD cards & cloud solutions (Dropbox, Drive, etc.)
  • Document import supports multiple files and folders
  • Wifi upload has new interface and supports multiple file selection
  • Document ID displayed in library and info
  • Auto keyboard popup for text entry dialogs
  • Optimized for tablet interfaces
  • Dark mode
  • Full screen mode
  • Speed improvements
  • Security improvements
  • General bug fixes

  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2020

Safeguard PDF Security updated

Date: September 10th 2020

Summary: USB v3 Viewer support, new additions, and changes to GUI

Safeguard Writer updates include:

  • USB publishing now supports the v3 Viewer
  • a new option to disallow annotations inthe v3 Viewer (to prevent users making markups and notes)
  • removal of redundant items that have been superceded (e.g. old screen grabber protection methods)
  • support for additional own branding image formats (GIF and PNG)
  • ability for Publishers to free up Writer licenses that are no longer used so they can be used on other devices instantly without having to contact Locklizard support
  • security improvements
  • general bug fixes

Administration System updates

Date: August 11th 2020

Summary: New ecommerce commands & ability for Publishers to transfer Writer licenses

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM and Safeguard PDF security Administration systems have been updated to Build 174.  Updates include:

  • New ecommerce commands to make the Web Viewer SSO URL permanent (does not expire unless it is revoked)
  • New ecommerce commands (Enterprise only) to delete customers and suspend customer devices
  • The ability for Publishers to transfer Writer licenses to other computers – so Publishers no longer have to contact support to do this
  • Bug fixes and security updates

Additional information on using the new ecommerce commands can be found in the Safeguard Ecommerce Manual.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM updated

Date: June 12th 2020

Summary: USB v3 Viewer support, new additions, and changes to GUI

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM updates include:

  • the ability to publish the v3 Viewer to USB
  • a new option to disallow annotations inthe v3 Viewer (prevent users making markups and notes)
  • removal of redundant items that have been superceded (e.g. old screen grabber protection methods)
  • support for additional own branding image formats (GIF and PNG)
  • security improvements
  • support for future Admin Build updates that will enable Publishers to free up their own Writer licenses that are no longer used
  • general bug fixes

Safeguard iOS Viewer updated

Date: June 10th 2020

Summary: Safeguard iOS Viewer updated with support for latest Apple devices and software

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer for iOS has been updated to support the latest Apple Devices and Safari updates.  It includes:

  • Support for iPad Pro and higher screen resolutions
  • Support for Safari’s Download Manager
  • Document security improvements
  • Various bug fixes

The minimum iOS version now supported is iOS 9.1.

Safeguard Viewer v3 for Windows – NEW release

Date: March 12th 2020

Summary: Safeguard Viewer v3 – completely new build – supports 300MB+ document sizes, annotations, form filling and more

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer v3 has now officially been released.  v3 is a completely new Viewer using the latest PDF rendering system – this provides a quicker and smoother display of PDF content and support of additional functionality.

New functionality includes: full 64 bit support to enable the Viewer to support 300MB+ files, annotations (markups and notes), form filling, thumbnail navigation, right-click menus in full screen mode, custom zoom, extra languages, document management with pinnable and recent documents list, and many more features.

The v3 Viewer has a new interface with ribbon toolbar (can be minimized) and lots of updates for a better user experience including faster document navigation and search.

For full details see Safeguard v3 Viewer Release.

  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2019

Safeguard Viewer v3 for Windows – BETA release

Date: December 11th 2019

Summary: Safeguard Viewer v3 – totally redesigned with annotations, form filling and more

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer v3 has been totally rewritten from scratch with a new and faster PDF renderer application.  It provides full 64 bit support, support of 200MB plus file sizes, annotations (markups and notes), form filling, thumbnail navigation and many more usability features and improvements.

Due to be released in 2020, Safeguard v3 Viewer is a huge improvement on the v2 Viewer providing greater functionality, speed, and PDF management.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM enforces print color

Date:  June 11th 2019

Summary:  The printing of color documents can be enforced in black & white or grayscale

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM now enables publishers to enforce the printing of their color documents in either black & white or grayscale.

This enables document publishers to provide color copies for viewing purposes only, ensuring prints can only be made in pure black & white or shades of gray (grayscale).

  Locklizard wins multiple awards – Top 10 in encryption, security and Digital Rights Management 2018

Locklizard have won several awards for our PDF DRM Security and Digital Rights Management solutions

Date:  December 30th 2018

Summary:  Awards for Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise PDF DRM, and company excellence.

We have been grateful to receive multiple Industry Awards for our document security products, including being recognized as a top 10 security solutions provider, including the best in DRM security for 2018.  We wish to thank all our customers who have nominated us again this year and look forward to exceeding your expectations as we progress forward with new product updates throughout the coming year.

See our Document DRM Security Awards.

  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2018

Secure PDF Mac Viewer for 64 bit OSX released

Date:  October 10th 2018

Summary:  Support for OSX 64 bit, additional security features, updated interface

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer for Mac OSX has been updated to provide:

  • full 64 bit support for the latest Mac Operating Systems
  • additional security features that:
    • stop screen grabbing (including remote connections)
    • stop printing to file drivers (i.e. print to PDF)
    • enable administrators to enforce security updates
  • fixes for search and display issues
  • a new user interface
  • various updates for a better user experience

Safeguard PDF Security & Enterprise PDF DRM Admin updates

Date:  June 12th 2018

Summary:  Security and functionality updates with new ecommerce key, log files, and undelivered email reports

Safeguard’s Build 173 new features include:

  • Database encryption of personal user information for GDPR compliance
  • Ecommerce key to replace Publisher credentials
  • Ecommerce activity logs for actioned requests with CSV export
  • Locking dialogs so action fields and buttons are always visible on scrolling
  • Undelivered email activity with CSV export
  • Company name sort and Publication without access option
  • PHP 7 and MySQLi support for own server installations

For a full list of new features in build 173 see Safeguard Admin System updates.

Secure PDF Web Viewer updated with additional PDF support and speed increase

Date: June 12th 2018

Summary:  Support for complex PDF documents, progress load bar, faster load and print times

Safeguard’s Secure Web Viewer version 1.1.1 new usability features include:

  • The ability to render more complex non-optimized PDF documents
  • Document load and print times have been improved so documents display and print much faster
  • A progress bar at the top of the page shows document load progress
  • Support for the latest Safeguard Admin Systems with field level database encryption

Safeguard Admin systems GDPR compliant with database encryption

Date:  May 15th 2018

Summary:  Personal user information is now held encrypted in the database

Safeguard Admin Systems have been updated to support a new database encryption scheme.  User fields are held encrypted in the database so that in the unlikely event the database is compromised personal data is not accessible.  The following fields are encrypted:

  • usernames
  • email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Log files

Although there is no explicit requirement to encrypt personal data in server and cloud systems we have included it in our products to simplify compliance with GDPR and strengthen our core systems.

  Locklizard recognized as Best PDF DRM & Document Security Provider 2017

Locklizard have won several awards acknowledging us as the industry leader for PDF DRM Security and Digital Rights Management solutions

Date:  December 30th 2017

Summary:  Awards for Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise PDF DRM, and company excellence.

We have won several Industry Awards for our document security products and recognized as a top 10 security solutions provider, including the most outstanding DRM security company of 2017.  We wish to thank all our customers who have nominated us again this year and look forward to exceeding your  expectations as the best document DRM security company in both Digital Rights Management products and customer service.

See our Document DRM Security Awards.

  Safeguard PDF DRM Product Releases 2017

Secure Web Viewer updated with password reset, SSO, multiple logins

Date:  October 26th 2017

Summary:  Users can reset their own passwords and be automatically logged on via the ecommerce API

Safeguard’s Secure Web Viewer (version 1.1.0) new features include:

  • The ability for users to reset their password if they have forgotten or need to change it
  • Enterprise publishers can change the default password policy to specify whether users can change their password and the number of characters and types of characters it must contain
  • A new ecommerce command for SSO support enables publishers to automatically log users into the Web Viewer dashboard and open a specific document automatically
  • A logout re-direct URL can be specified in the Web Viewer Login Branding tab to redirect users on logout (both manual and timeout) to a specific URL
  • Enterprise publishers can specify the number of multiple simultaneous logins allowed (no. of active sessions)
  • Auto Detect & Restrict IP and/or country applied on Web Viewer login

Secure PDF iOS Viewer updated with bookmarks, highlights and more

Date: September 7th 2017

Summary: New custom bookmarks, text and image highlights, auto license registration, and other additions

Safeguard’s Secure PDF Viewer for iOS (version 1.0.19) has had some great new usability features added which include:

  • Bookmarks – create your own custom bookmarks
  • Highlights – highlight text and images with rectangles, freehand, or underline
  • Automatic license registration – licenses automatically register when uploaded to the Viewer library
  • New view settings for document scroller – display always/never/with toolbar
  • Search dialog improvements – busy status and cancel option
  • Bug fixes for zoom controls – watermarks now larger on zoom and page scroller retains zoom settings
  • New icons and reduced app size

Secure PDF iOS Viewer updated for 64 bit devices

Date:  July 7th 2017

Summary:  New 64 bit support, updated interface, minor bug fixes, and improved wi-fi upload

Safeguard’s Secure PDF Viewer for iOS (version 1.0.18) has been updated for 64 bit support.  Wi-fi upload now supports multiple file selection, uppercase filenames are now supported, and the interface and icons have been updated in this release.  The minimum iOS version now supported is 8.1.

Secure PDF Windows Viewer updated with enhanced screen grabber protection

Date:  May 31st 2017

Summary:  Viewer updates include new enhanced screen grabber protection, additional language support and minor bug fixes

Safeguard’s Secure PDF Viewer for Windows has been updated with a new enhanced screen grabber protection system to stop screen grabbing by users using third party screen grabber tools or using remote connections such as Web Ex, GoToMyPC, etc. to take screen shots remotely.  It stops screen grabbing without monitoring keystrokes or monitoring what screen grabbers are running – system resources are therefore kept to a minimum and it ensures 100% compatibility with anti-spyware systems.  Any attempt to take a screenshot will result in a black image.  Publishers must choose the ‘enhanced screen grabber protection’ option in the Writer to make use of this feature.  Any existing PDF files already protected with this option will benefit from the new screen grabbing protection method being applied by the Viewer.

The Viewer has also been updated to support Polish, Italian, and Portuguese languages for menu items and messages, and some minor bugs have been fixed.

Safeguard Web Viewer 1.0.9 released with own branding

Date:  April 7th 2017

Summary:  Publishers can brand the Web Viewer with their own logo, images, icons, and news feed

Web Viewer has been updated with own branding options so publishers can customize the login screen and Viewer dashboard with their own images.  The following items can be customized:

  • Login box – title text, logo, position
  • Login screen background image
  • Theme colour
  • Dashboard logo and hyperlink
  • Viewer title text and favicon
  • Document icon
  • News feed

Safeguard 4 and Enterprise 5 – new update (Build 171) released

Date:  January 6th 2017

Summary:  Build 171 provides Publishers with email tracking, sub-administrators, new statistics and more

New Admin System releases of Safeguard PDF Security version 4 and Enterprise PDF DRM version 5 are now available.  These updates have some fantastic new features including:

  • New email delivery system with tracking and statistics
  • Controllable email rollout
  • Country and IP restriction with auto detection (Enterprise PDF DRM only)
  • Sub administrators – manage multiple administrator access to the system (Enterprise PDF DRM only)
  • New statistics and user information
  • New filters and search tools
  • Statistics on most accessed/viewed/printed documents (Enterprise PDF DRM only)


New ecommerce commands have also been added enabling publishers to resend license files, restrict IP and country access and enable/disable simultaneous Web Viewer logins.

For a full list of new features in build 171 see Safeguard Admin System updates.

For a complete list of Safeguard version 4 and Enterprise version 5 features see Safeguard Admin System.

  Locklizard recognized as Document DRM Security leader 2016

Locklizard have won a series of awards acknowledging us as the industry leader for Document DRM Security

Date:  December 15th 2016

Summary:  Awards for Safeguard PDF Security, Enterprise PDF DRM, and outstanding customer service.

We have won several Industry Awards reflecting our innovative work for document protection and customer satisfaction – thank you to everyone who nominated us.

See our Document DRM Security Awards.

  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2016

Updated admin system coming soon for Safeguard 4 and Enterprise 5

Date:  November 16th 2016

Summary:  New email delivery system with tracking, enhanced reporting capabilities, and sub-administrators.

Upcoming new Admin System releases of Safeguard PDF Security and Enterprise PDF DRM will provide Publishers with a completely new license file email delivery and tracking system, greater flexibility and search facilities, additional user and system information, logging and various system changes.

Safeguard Enterprise has been further enhanced to support sub-administrator accounts with separate publisher admin logins, Geolocation at the customer level, automatic IP and country detection, statistics on most accessed/viewed/printed documents, and additional filtering capabilities and batch options.

For a full list of new features see Safeguard Admin System updates.

Safeguard PDF Security v4 and Enterprise PDF DRM v5 released

Date: July 29th 2016

Summary:  New releases of Safeguard PDF Security and Enterprise PDF DRM have been introduced.  A major overhaul of the administration systems provides Publishers with updated, simpler to use systems delivering new functionality and supporting additional logging capabilities.

For a full list of new features see Safeguard 4 & Enterprise 5 release.

Safeguard Android Viewer updated with fixes & speed improvement

Date:  June 22nd 2016

Summary:  Safeguard’s Secure PDF Viewer for Android devices has been updated to fix Watermarks appearing overly large on some low DPI devices, some general bug fixes for crashes, and overall speed improvement.

New admin system coming soon for Safeguard 4 and Enterprise 5

Date:  June 16th 2016

Summary:  Safeguard v4 and Enterprise v5 will be launching soon with a new simple to use interface and extra features.

The release will happen in stages – first the updated administration interface with some new features (such as blocking or allowing users by country – Enterprise only), additional statistics on user activity (such as devices used), account information, and a log of Web Viewer user activity.  Additional updates will add new features such as separate admin logins, ability to tag documents, user groups, email alerts and additional filters and reports.

  Document DRM Security Product Releases 2015

Safeguard Android Viewer updated to support 64 bit devices

Date:  November 4th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard’s Secure PDF Viewer for Android devices has been updated to support the latest Android OS – v6 Marshmallow, and 64 bit devices. Version 1.05 can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store.

Safeguard Web Publisher updated and Secure Web Viewer v1.07 released

Date:  September 4th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard Web Publisher and Web Viewer has been updated with loads of new features for both publishers and users.

For publishers, the document size has been increased to 30MB, Tags added for simpler categorization and searching, the ability to change how the document list will appear for users, support for own branding (your own logo), improved watermarks with the ability to overwrite existing watermarks using Web Publisher, and the option to allow users multiple simultaneous logins with the same user account.

For users, there is improved printing in IE, support for Microsoft Edge browser, the ability to add documents to a Favourites group, and gravatar support.

There have also been various bug fixes and additional ecommerce commands added.  For a full list of new features see Web Publisher & Web Viewer 1.07 release.

Safeguard Secure PDF Web Viewer supports printing

Date:  May 11th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard Secure Web Viewer has been updated to support document printing across all browsers.  Printing can either be allowed or disallowed.

Safeguard Secure Web Viewer supports dynamic watermarks

Date:  April 20th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard Secure Web Viewer has been updated to support document watermarking with dynamic watermarks.  The same watermark is used on print and view.

Safeguard Secure PDF Web Viewer – own server version released

Date:  February 24th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard Secure Web Viewer is now available for publishers to install on their own servers (rather than being hosted by Locklizard).

Safeguard PDF Security supports additional ecommerce commands for the Web Viewer

Date:  February 6th 2015

Summary:  Safeguard & Enterprise PDF Security now support ecommerce commands to enable or revoke secure Web Viewer access, change Web Viewer login details remotely, and get the Web Viewer status of user accounts.

  PDF DRM Product Release News 2014

Safeguard supports Web Viewer and improved document optimization

Date: December 15th 2014

Summary:  Locklizard has released their Web Publisher software for Safeguard PDF Security. Safeguard Writer now also includes new PDF document optimization options for faster document processing and displaying of PDC files across our range of secure PDF Viewers.

Secure Web Publisher available for purchase

Date: October 29th 2014

Summary:  Locklizard has released their Web Publisher software for Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM.

Safeguard Web Publisher enables document publishers to publish DRM protected PDF files to a cloud server for use with the browser based Web Viewer (a zero installation Viewer that is accessed from a browser).

Secure Web Viewer beta available for evaluation

Date: September 15th 2014

Summary:  Locklizard has made available a pre-sales evaluation of their newly developed secure Web Publisher and Web Viewer software delivering browser based accessibility to their Safeguard PDF DRM protected documents.

Now Safeguard secure PDF documents can be viewed from any computer that has a browser, without the need to install or register any software, increasing customer ease of use and portability.

Safeguard Web Viewer ensures users are always using the latest version of your protected PDF documents which can be instantly revoked at any time.  To prevent document sharing, users can be locked to specific IP address(es), and prevented from viewing documents from more than one computer at a time.

  PDF Security Product News 2013

Secure PDF Viewer released for Android OS

Date: November 14th 2013

Summary: Locklizard have released a new secure PDF Viewer for the Android operating system.  The Safeguard Android Viewer decrypts content locally on a page-by-page basis to save memory resources, ensuring support of lowly specked tablets.  Safeguard Android Viewer stops casual screen grabbing by preventing use of the Android printscreen functionality, and works on Android 4.0 and above.

Safeguard Command Line gets new watermarking features

Date: June 12th 2013

Summary: LockLizard are pleased to announce a further improvement to Safeguard Command Line encryption.  Safeguard Command Line now supports separate view and print watermarks – you can specify different watermarks to be displayed when documents are viewed and printed.  This change aligns Command Line with the use of the controls in the Writer GUI.

LockLizard extends PDF DRM Security to the iOS platform

Date: April 3rd 2013

Summary: LockLizard are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest in their line of supported platforms – the iOS operating system – for Safeguard PDF Security Viewer.  Unlike other DRM provider’s products, the LockLizard Secure iOS Viewer is more secure, saves precious bandwidth, and does not use up valuable server resources.  iOS 5.01 and above is supported on both the iPhone and iPad.

  PDF Document DRM Security Product News 2012

Safeguard PDF Portable released – no installation Viewer for USB sticks

Date: October 25th 2012

Summary: Safeguard PDF Portable is a portable, zero installation Viewer and secure PDF document solution for USB devices.  Publishers can lock PDF documents to USB memory sticks and users can view secure PDF files without having to install a Viewer on their computer, register, or connect to the Internet. Safeguard PDF portable provides a completely offline, truly portable, easy to use, secure PDF DRM solution – no downloads, no plug-ins to install, no JavaScript or Flash risks, no self-extracting exes to run, no applications to install, no firewall issues.

Safeguard PDF Security & Enterprise PDF DRM updated

Date: August 17th 2012

Summary: Safeguard PDF Security v3 and Enterprise PDF DRM v4 have been updated with many new features including the ability to specify your own SMTP server for the sending of licensing emails, additional ecommerce commands, and the ability to export a list of users/customers with all the documents and publications that they have been granted access to.

Enterprise PDF DRM version 4 released

Date: May 3rd 2012

Summary: The release of Enterprise PDF DRM version 4 adds many new features to both the PDF protection (Writer) software and the licensing administration system.  Features added include grace periods for access rights checking, additional access checking options, restricting registration and document usage to a specific IP addresses or IP address range, license transfer, and welcome messages.  New Features.

Safeguard PDF Security version 3 released

Date:  March 1st 2012

Summary:  Safeguard PDF Security version 3 is a major new release delivering a significant upgrade to the Safeguard Administration DRM system.  This release adds additional functionality to the Secure PDF Writer software, and upgrades the appearance and functionality of the Administration DRM system while adding a number of features previously only available to Enterprise PDF DRM users.

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer for Mac updated

Date:  February 28th 2012

Summary:  Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer for the Mac has been updated to support the latest upcoming releases of Safeguard PDF Security and Enterprise DRM.  Additional functionality has been added such as full screen mode, new page layout options, custom zoom, page rotation, previous and next view, and remembering layout and page options for the next open.

LockLizard Secure PDF Viewer gets new interface

Date:  January 30th 2012

Summary:  The latest version of the Locklizard Secure PDF Viewer has been released with a new interface, new feature support for upcoming releases of Safeguard PDF Security and Enterprise PDF DRM, Windows 2008 R2 support, Czech language support, automatic registration of license files during installation, and a remember previous settings option.

  DRM Product News 2011

LockLizard PDF DRM Software supports 64 bit Windows OS

Date:  January 28th 2011

Summary:  The latest versions of the Locklizard PDF DRM Writer and Viewer software (Enterprise PDF DRM security and Safeguard PDF Security) now support all Windows 64 bit Operating Systems including Windows 7 64 bit.

  DRM Product News 2010

Enterprise PDF DRM Software released – control and audit document use

Date:  October 14th 2010

Summary:  Locklizard have released the latest version of their PDF DRM software for the enterprise, Enterprise PDF Security.  Enterprise has a completely new administration system designed for organizations with a large number of documents and users, and provides document auditing, statistics and reports.

PDF DRM Security for the Enterprise

Date:  April 26th 2010

Summary:  Locklizard anticipate the announcement of beta trials of their emerging Enterprise product, providing PDF DRM security for the larger publisher.  In the coming weeks, a major upgrade to the well respected Safeguard PDF Security service will be announced.  As an integral part of that process, demonstrations and limited trials of the new Enterprise PDF DRM product will be made available as part of the product acceptance and feedback procedures before formal product launch.

PowerPoint Security enhanced with Locklizard Flashguard – protecting PowerPoint presentations from IPR Theft

Date:  March 22nd 2010

Summary:  Locklizard release PowerPoint security software providing copy protection for PowerPoint presentations converted to SWF format.  PowerPoint protection features include encryption and DRM controls that protect presentations from copying, modifying, sharing, screen grabbing, printing, saving and unauthorized distribution, all without the use of passwords.  Publishers can also expire and revoke PowerPoint presentations at any time and add a PowerPoint watermark.

  DRM Product News 2009

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer gets updated with hyperlinks for branding image, and full screen mode that supports printing

Date:  November 19th 2009

Summary:  For publishers that use their own branding image in the Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer, this can now be hyperlinked, so that when your customers click on your custom logo they are taken to a URL of your choice.  In full screen mode, the function code CTRL-P is now supported, so that if printing is allowed, users can print directly when the secure PDF document is displayed in full screen.

Safeguard PDF Security gets new administration system feature update and additional ecommerce functionality

Date:  November 19th 2009

Summary:  On the Safeguard PDF Security Administration System, the monitor email address field has been modified to support more than one email address. Copies of the license file email can therefore now be sent to two or more additional people.  On the ecommerce integration side, two new commands have been added to set a customers license count (overwrites existing license count value) and to update a customers license count (increments existing license count value).

Secure PDF viewer for Windows now supports print current view feature and the Turkish language

Date:  September 28th 2009

Summary:  Safeguard Secure PDF viewer for the Windows operating system has been updated to support the print current view feature.  Users can now zoom in on text and images and print only the portion showing on their screens (e.g. a detailed area of a map).  In addition, the Turkish language has been added as an option for menus and error messages.

Flashguard Flash Security – version 1 released to stop theft of SWF files

Date:  May 18th 2009

Summary:  LockLizard are pleased to announce Flashguard Flash Security, our latest product extending the range and reach of our DRM management systems to shockwave flash (swf) files. Flashguard SWF Security is an unique flash DRM protection product for companies that publish or sell flash files (SWF files) who need to ensure complete protection of their intellectual property. It prevents decompiling of flash files and controls what users can do with the displayed content.  The source files (FLA files – multimedia objects, images and scripts that make up an SWF file) are always protected against editing and use.

Secure PDF viewer for the Macintosh OS now supports view watermarks

Date:  March 11th 2009

Summary:  Safeguard Secure PDF viewer for the Mac has been updated to support document watermarks on view.  Image and text view watermarks that have been added to a protected document will now be shown when a DRM protected PDF document is viewed.

Protector Web Content Security – version 2 released with new GUI

Date: January 12th 2009

Summary:  With this latest release, users can enjoy even greater protection, power, security and flexibility.  In addition, the overall system has been improved to handle viewing of content over the web, rather than simply for distribution on CD.  A new GUI, new content expiry options, additional DRM controls, and new administration features are just some of the facilities added to provide unbeaten elearning security, intranet, extranet and web portal protection.

  DRM Product News 2008

PDF Security viewer gets new language additions

Date:  December 11th 2008

Summary:  Safeguard Secure PDF DRM viewer has been updated to support the following languages – French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch, in addition to the existing Russian and English languages.

Safeguard PDF DRM viewer gets new multi-lingual interface and MSI installer

Date: November 5th 2008

Summary:  Locklizard are pleased to annouce two new additions to their secure PDF DRM Viewer.  The first is the introduction of an International Viewer for secure PDF documents.  The second is the provision of MSI installation for corporate Windows customers.

Publisher own branding option now available in Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer

Date:  October 2nd 2008

Summary:  For an additional fee, publishers can substitute their own branding/logo in place of the Locklizard logo currently displayed in the top right hand corner of the Secure PDF Viewer toolbar. Safeguard Viewer Publisher own branding is a valuable and flexible approach to helping publishers present their overall electronic image in the same way as their print image.

LockLizard simplifies license management for DRM products

Date:  July 31st 2008

Summary:  LockLizard have introduced the automatic naming of license files using the user name (or whatever identifier the publisher has chosen to provide a unique link). This means that users can easily identify if a license is for their use or not (important if licenses are being distributed for internal use, and you may not get the rights you should if you implement the wrong license). It also means that publishers can quickly identify a license file if it needs to be re-issued (maybe it was accidentally deleted, has been lost, or maybe there is a policy to delete them after use as a security measure).

Safeguard PDF security – new multi-language installation

Date:  July 11th 2008

Summary:  Safeguard PDF Security now supports multiple installation languages. Future versions of our PDF DRM software will support fully translated dialogs, menus, and messages.

In addition, Safeguard Secure PDF viewer now displays additional document information for protected PDF documents – publishers and customers can see at a glance what protection controls have been applied to a secure PDF file.

Safeguard PDF security – new DRM expiry and document usability features

Date:  June 13th 2008

Summary:  LockLizard announce two new features for document security and usability. A new document expiry option where publishers can set the number of days before expiry from a user first opening a document, and a new viewer bookmarking feature that enables documents to be opened at the last page viewed.

Safeguard PDF security – new Mac viewer with large file size support

Date:  May 7th 2008

Summary:   Safeguard PDF Security for the Mac has been totally redeveloped in order to support large file sizes (200MB), and to provide better functionality and PDF rendering for publishers and their customers alike.

Safeguard PDF security – new enforced display and watermark settings

Date:  March 17th 2008

Summary:   Safeguard PDF DRM Security now enables publishers to set the initial document display settings and enforce those settings (optional) to maintain an in-house style or to ensure the document is viewed how the publisher would like it to be (i.e. full screen at 120%, single page mode).  In addition, separate image and text can now be specified for print and view watermarks.

Safeguard PDF security – new DRM revocation feature for number of prints

Date:  January 16th 2008

Summary:  Safeguard PDF security has been updated with a new DRM revocation feature.  Publishers can specify how many times they want their secure PDF documents printed, and once that limit is reached documents can no longer be accessed.

The GUI has also been redesigned with separate print and view watermarking tabs, and publishers now have the ability to turn off automatic updates in the PDF DRM Writer application.

  DRM Product News 2007

Safeguard PDF security – new watermarking features announced

Date:  December 12th 2007

Summary:  LockLizard have significantly improved document watermarking options available in Safeguard PDF Security.  Publishers can now specify the actual position of image and text watermarks, can choose to apply a different text and/or image watermark to documents being viewed as against being printed, and can adjust the opacity of text.   Watermarks can be applied on top of or behind PDF content and can be prevented from displaying on the first page of a document.

LockLizard announces new updates to Safeguard PDF security

Date:  October 15th 2007

Summary:  LockLizard have released further improvements to their Safeguard PDF DRM security product.  New facilities include an improved administration system with data export options, a document search facility, and the ability to determine how many records are displayed per page. Safeguard PDF DRM Writer has been updated to disallow use of the Secure PDF Viewer in Mac OS environments, and additional document watermarking features have been added.

LockLizard announces new DRM technology that stops all PC screen grabbers

Date:  July 5th 2007

Summary:  With the release of Safeguard PDF security version 2.6, LockLizard is the first DRM company to provide enhanced technical controls to resist all current PC based screen grabbers, stopping one of the commonest methods of IPR theft in its tracks.

Safeguard PDF Security version 2.6 released – new GUI and admin functionality

Date:  July 2nd 2007

Summary:  Safeguard PDF security version 2.6, introduces a new tabbed GUI, change account password function, offline publications and enhanced screen grabber protection.  New server administration functions include the ability to change the number of prints and views after a secure PDF document has been published.

Safeguard PDF Security Command Line utility released – batch processing of PDF files

Date:  June 6th 2007

Summary:  Safeguard PDF security Command Line Utility allows the automation of actions that would otherwise have had to be carried out manually whilst protecting documents through the Writer GUI. Commands can be run from the DOS prompt or a batch file without the need for manual input.  All the options available through the Safeguard Writer GUI can be accessed through the command line utility.

Safeguard PDF Security update – new functionality for Writer and Viewer software

Date:  March 27th 2007

Summary:  Safeguard PDF security version 2.5 has been updated with the following features and DRM controls: limiting the number of times a document may be used, upgraded watermarking features – including the placement of text  and dynamic system variables (date/time, username, email address, etc.), preventing use in terminal server environments, allowing screen capture applications (for test purposes), separate Mac and Windows OS printing rights, keystore remover and update checker.

  DRM Product News 2006

Safeguard PDF Security version 2.5 released – new watermarking features

Date: November 1st 2006

Summary:  Safeguard PDF security version 2.5 has significant improvements over version 2 including watermarking, the support of 200MB files, additional DRM security features and the use of a self-contained environment.  Ensuring complete PDF security with digital rights management controls has never been easier.

LockLizard document security center announced – DRM and document security papers

Date:  August 8th 2006

Summary:  LockLizard’ s information security education center brings together news, views, white papers, blog, regulation and technology on digital rights management (DRM), IPR, PDF security, copy protection, ebook and web security, and copyright.

Protector Web Content Security released – DRM content security without passwords

Date:  June 15th 2006

Summary:  LockLizard drags web, intranet and extranet security out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.  Protector web content security, ensures your web based content (HTML, images) cannot be distributed to unauthorized users and controls what authorized users can do with them without using passwords.

LockLizard enables the development of the $23bn elearning industry

Date:  June 15th 2006

Summary:  Protector web content security is unique in delivering DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to the elearning marketplace with US Government strength encryption to protect course content.  It is the first DRM enforcing product specifically focused at protecting an elearning company’s revenue streams.

Lizard Stingray announced – shocking DRM solution

Date:  April 1st 2006

Summary:  Lizard Stingray is a DRM control product with a stunning difference – literally. Unauthorized users do indeed have a shock in store!

  DRM Product News 2005

Protector Web Content Security beta released – no more useless web page passwords

Date:  March 2005

Summary:  Protector Web Content Security, the latest addition to the LockLizard family of DRM protection products, is now available in beta form.  Protector Web Content Security was made specifically for publishers that produce e-learning courses, e-books, manuals, or web sites (including Intranets and Extranets) where a higher degree of control is required over simple password protection.  It uses DRM controls to enforce use and distribution of web content.

Windows server released for Safeguard PDF Security – new own server hosting option

Date: November 2005

Summary:  Safeguard PDF DRM Security now supports Windows 2003 Server or above for own server hosting.  Publishers now have the choice of either deploying Safeguard PDF DRM on a Linux or Windows server when they purchase an own server hosting package.

Safeguard PDF Security version 2.1 for Apple Mac released

Date:  October 2005

Summary:  Due to customer demand  Safeguard PDF DRM Security now supports Apple Mac computers running OS X 10.2 or above.  Any PDF document protected using the Safeguard Windows PDF DRM Writer software can now be read by Apple Mac computers.

Safeguard PDF Security version 2.1 released with HTTPS communications

Date:  September 2005

Summary:  Safeguard PDF DRM Security now has HTTPS support for client / server communications and silent install for corporate remote installation.

Safeguard PDF Security version 2 released – PDF DRM Security

Date:  April 2005

Summary:  With functionality only seen in competitor products starting at $25,000, Safeguard PDF security costs from only $2495 for a fully hosted solution.  Safeguard PDF DRM Security uses US Government strength AES encryption and DRM controls.

Safeguard PDF DRM version 2 Beta released – powerful PDF security with instant revocation

Date:  February 2005

Summary:  Safeguard PDF DRM Security just got even better.  Built around customer requests it now supports multiple encryption keys, instant user revocation, simpler registration, enhanced print and screen controls and a totally new management system.

  DRM Product News 2004

Safeguard PDF Security version 1 for PDF files launched – secure PDF documents with DRM security and strong encryption

Date: May 2004

Summary:   Safeguard PDF Security, LockLizard’s first DRM product ensures your PDF files cannot be distributed to unauthorized users and controls what authorized users can do with them.