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FileOpen Systems: Rights Manager / Rights Server vs Safeguard PDF DRM

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  FileOpen Systems: Fileopen RightsManager / RightsServer & Client plugin overview

What is FileOpen

FileOpen is a secure document DRM system that uses a a plugin to Adobe Acrobat to control access and use of PDF documents.

For a list of issues with Adobe plugins see Adobe Security Plugins.

Protected documents can also be viewed using a Web Viewer but this provides less protection – see is FileOpen safe?

FileOpen Rights Manager

FileOpen RightsManager (previously known as Fileopen Publisher & Fileopen WebPublisher) is a the system used to protect PDF and office documents and control document access.

FileOpen Rights Server

FileOpen RightsServer is the same product as FileOpen Rights Manager but hosted by the customer on their own server.

FileOpen DRM Viewers, Client & FileOpen Plugins

  • FileOpen DRM Viewers or clients are a plugin in to Adobe Acrobat that can be installed on a device.  Just like an EXE file, you need Windows Administrator rights to install a plugin.
  • An EXE file has to start every time users login to their computer in order to view Fileopen protected documents.
  • The FileOpen plugin accesses the FileOpen Rights Server so users need to allow access to this URL in their Firewall.
  • Users have to turn off security in Adobe Reader for the Fileopen client plugin to work.
  • Users can also use a web browser (Chrome is not supported) to access protected PDF files.  This decrypts content on a server and is then streamed to client viewers.
  • Users must connect to the Internet (to the FileOpen Rights Manager server) at least once to view protected documents.
  • Limited iOS support up to version 11.

FileOpen RightsServer & RightsManager costs

  1. With FileOpen document security you pay for the number of users viewing your documents so costs can quickly add up.
  2. With both FileOpen RightsManager and FileOpen RightsServer you are locked into paying yearly subscription fees so even if you host the system on your own server you have to pay every year for use of FileOpen Rights Server.

Is FileOpen Safe? – FileOpen Security Issues

  1. Uses a plugin to Adobe Acrobat and plugins are just not safe – see PDF plugin security issues
  2. Users must turn off security in Adobe Reader for the Fileopen plugin (Fileopen client) to work:
    • You have to turn off Adobe’s certified mode (use only certified plugins) to view a protected Fileopen document.
    • You have to turn off Adobe Reader’s Protected Mode to view Fileopen protected PDF files offline.  This is Acrobat’s built-in defence against malicious PDF attacks which Adobe say should be enabled to protect user’s systems and data.
  3. The Web Viewer does not stop screen grabbing or prevent printing to unprotected PDF files.
  4. Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov said of FileOpen Publisher – “The code can be broken instantly or in a matter of a few hours – without Adobe Reader, FileOpen plug-in itself or whatever.  FileOpen software, puts key information in the encrypted document, which is sort of like leaving your car with the keys in the ignition.  FileOpen was chosen as an Adobe “security partner”, which leads me to wonder how closely Adobe examines the cryptography used by its partners.”.  I’d call it “snake-oil” because of multiple vulnerabilities.  Their main protection is DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act.)”.  FileOpen Rights Manager was previously called FileOpen Publisher and FileOpen WebPublisher.

Safeguard vs FileOpen Systems Rights Manager / Rights Server & Client Plugin security

Locklizard provides many security and cost advantages over FileOpen Systems RightsManager & RightsServer

  • No Insecure Plugins

    Plugins can put your protected PDF documents at risk – see Adobe PDF Security Plugins & Plug-in Vulnerabilities but they also provide many other problems.

    1. Plug-ins are known for not being very secure.  But don’t just take our word for it.  ElcomSoft CEO Vladimir Katalov said “Because of the plug-in architecture of Acrobat and PDF readers, it makes PDF a less-secure platform for DRM”.  Elcomsoft circumvented Adobe’s DRM plug-in for their Ebook Reader back in 2001 and this article makes for interesting reading – How AEBPR cracked Adobe’s Acrobat E-Book Reader.
    2. They require Windows Admin rights to install so offer no installation advantages over EXE files.
    3. They can conflict with other plugins.
    4. They can be overruled.  Anyone can write a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional without obtaining an IKLA.
    5. They often stop working when the host application is updated.
  • Users don’t have to downgrade their security

    Our Secure PDF Reader software does not put user’s systems at risk.  Unlike Fileopen Security, we don’t force users to turn off security in their applications for our PDF protection to work.

    In addition, all PDF decryption is performed in memory on the local device (and not decrypted on a server), and no temporary files are created.

    Decryption keys are securely relayed to the client, stored encrypted in a keystore and locked to the device so they cannot be copied to other devices and shared.

  • No Insecure Flash

    Our browser based PDF viewer does not rely on Adobe Flash Player (FileOpen’s Web Viewer uses a plugin to Adobe Flash Player) so you don’t have to put your customer’s devices at risk.  Flash has some major security issues that are incredibly easy to take advantage of.

    Just type in ‘Flash Security Issues‘ in Google and you will find hundreds of articles explaining why you should not be running Adobe Flash.

    Adobe has said it will officially end support for the Flash plugin in 2020.

  • Enhanced Screen Grabber Protection

    Our Enhanced Screen Grabber protection will prevent users using third party screen grabbing tools even from remote locations so you can prevent high quality screen grabs from being taken.

  • Country locking

    Allow or prevent your documents from being opened in specific countries.

    You can apply this at both the global and user level so you can stop all company employees from accessing documents from unauthorized countries but enable a specific user to do so if they are travelling on business.

    Safeguard automatically picks up the user’s country location when they activate their license (and will automatically lock use to that location) so you don’t have to worry about entering this information.

  • Total Offline Solutions

    Users can use our offline zero installation USB solution (documents viewed directly from USB sticks) without having to connect to the Internet.

    USB sticks can be pre-loaded with a Viewer, documents, and keystore for total offline viewing.

    Documents are locked to the USB stick so they cannot be copied to other USB sticks or devices.

  • Support

    Our Support team is responsive and flexible, often providing answers within the hour and not days or weeks later.

    But don’t take our word for it, read our customer testimonials to see why companies rate our support services as excellent as our products.

  • Cost Savings

    With Safeguard document security you have unlimited users and documents so you always know what your costs will be.  And we don’t tie you in to a yearly contract.

    • No charges per document sold – just a one off fee for unlimited users and documents.
    • No subscription charges for perpetual licenses – just a one-time fee and a small yearly hosting charge if you use our servers to host your Safeguard Administration System.
    • One-time fee for own server licenses.  Pay just the once and host the system on your own server.
    • Costs less than a third compared to Fileopen for an annual license.

Locklizard takes your document security seriously.  Sell or share PDF files securely without insecure passwords or plug-ins, and enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.  Our DRM technology ensures your PDF files remain safe no matter where they reside with US Gov Strength encryption, licensing, and DRM controls.  Document content is decrypted in memory and no temporary files are used.

Read our customer testimonials to see why companies choose Safeguard over FileOpen DRM and why publishers have moved from FileOpen Document Security to Locklizard (cost, product reliability, and outstanding support are just some of the reasons).  If you are looking for FileOpen alternatives then try our free 15 day Trial.

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