Digital Rights Management vendor

Locklizard – Terms of Trade


A Digital Rights Management (DRM security) vendor

General license

The general license for the sale of software is included with each copy of the applications software that is installed.

A copy of that license can be found here – License agreement.


The company supplying software and services to you is Locklizard Limited, a company registered in England and Wales.

  • Company registration number – 5117542
  • VAT registration number – GB874211726

For UK customers, VAT is charged in addition to published prices, at the rate prescribed at the time an invoice is raised, in compliance with UK VAT regulations.

For customers who are in member states of the European Union, but not the United Kingdom, if Locklizard are supplied with the VAT number for the organization and country from which you are purchasing, VAT will not be charged, in accordance with EU regulations.

For customers in the rest of the world, goods and services are sold to you at our published prices without addition of UK taxes.  If any purchase taxes apply in your country relating to the import of computer software or services, they are not paid for by Locklizard and may not be deducted from the invoice price.  When necessary we can obtain a certificate of British registration to assist in proof that you are not liable to import taxes.

US customers should note that Locklizard is not a US company, is not selling to you from a US territory, and form W-9 is not required.

Ordering and Payment Terms

You can order by phoning us, emailing us, or by sending us a purchase order (email, fax, mail).

If you would like us to issue you with a pro-forma invoice before you send us your purchase order then please email

Payment terms are 30 days from order for systems hosted on Locklizard servers, or payment up-front for systems hosted on your servers.

Payment types accepted are check or wire transfer.

Registered Office Address

Locklizard Limited, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

Cancellation of orders

Orders placed with Locklizard Limited are not orders placed at a distance, within the meaning of European Directives governing the sale of goods over the Internet, and the provisions of such regulations do not apply.  Orders are placed as conventional purchase orders only.

Orders for ‘own server’ solutions may not be cancelled once delivery of the relevant installation information has been taken place (whether this is by Electronic Download, email file attachment, or on a storage device sent by postal service or courier, in which case the date of signature of receipt is the date of delivery).

Our applications software and overarching Administration server are available to all prospective purchasers, without cost, to allow them to assess our claims for operational actions and security functionality.  Because we make the entire system available to potential customers for evaluation purposes without charge, potential customers must use this opportunity to satisfy themselves as to the claims made for the overall application.  Carrying out adequate acceptance testing is the responsibility of the customer, and not the responsibility of Locklizard Limited.  We therefore strongly advise using the free 15-day trial version in order to verify that the product is fit for purpose, since we do not issue refunds.  Potential customers carrying out evaluations are able to use Locklizard Support in order to obtain problem resolution where that is necessary.

Export Restrictions

Locklizard Limited is registered as a company in England.  As such it complies with the trading requirements of the United Kingdom and also export regulations.  Locklizard DRM products use cryptography to provide encryption, and as a result, are subject to export restrictions.

We are not able to deliver our DRM products to the following countries:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Burma
  • China (military use)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Ivory Coast
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Zimbabwe

Potential customers from these countries will also be refused license codes for evaluation purposes.

Locklizard DRM software is not provided for evaluation purposes to countries that have not ratified Berne, TRIPS and WTO conventions for the protection of works, or have implemented copyright legislation that implies a right to circumvent DRM controls without risk of prosecution.  Request for evaluations from individuals or companies in, or thought to be in such countries will not be acknowledged.

Hosted server response times and availability

Where Locklizard are used to provide the hosting of an Administration system as part of the products or services, that hosting will be subcontracted to a third party provider and not provided by Locklizard themselves.  As a result the planned uptime for the servers used cannot be guaranteed.  In addition there may be other events such as necessary maintenance, equipment failure, server attacks, network congestion and other matters that may impact upon both response times and availability.  Locklizard does not accept any responsibility for such failures.

If publishers require a high availability solution as part of their overall service delivery they should license an own server edition which will enable them to install their administration system in an environment of their own choosing and under their own control so they can ensure their particular requirements will be met.