pdf ebook security

PDF Ebook Security

PDF Ebook Security

Secure PDF Ebooks with Safeguard PDF Security

Safeguard PDF Security protects ebooks published in PDF format against unauthorized use and misuse.

It prevents your ebooks from being:


   Copied and shared


   Printed – you can allow printing if you wish or limit the number of prints allowed.

With our PDF Ebook Security software you can:

  •    Revoke access to customers who have recalled their payment
  •    Dynamically watermark ebooks with user information (for example, their username, email address, date/time viewed and/or printed, etc.).  This PDF Ebook Security feature is useful if you want customers to be able to print their ebooks but are worried about them being scanned and ending up in the public domain.
  •    Sell time limited versions of your PDF ebooks – you can expire PDF ebooks on a fixed date, after a number of days use, or after a number of views and/or prints
  •    Integrate our PDF Ebook Security software with your ecommerce system for automatic creation of customers and delivery of license files
  •    Batch protect PDF ebooks

Our PDF Ebook Security is more secure than competitor offerings as it:

  •    stops screen grabbing of your ebooks (both printscreen and third party screen grabbers)
  •    prevents printing to file, PDF, images printers, XPS, etc. (a common and easy way to convert back to an unprotected PDF file)
  •    uses public key technology rather than relying on insecure passwords – there are no passwords for users to enter or share with others
  •    Locks ebooks to specific devices that have been authorized

Use our PDF Ebook Security to:

  •    Protect your intellectual property
  •    Extend into new markets
  •    Protect your revenue stream
  •    Increase your sales
Take a free 15 day trial of our PDF Ebook Security software to see how it can help.
Or view our customer testimonials to see how ebook publishers have used our PDF Ebook Security software to stop ebook copying, increase their turnover and reduce their costs.
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