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DRM Product Add-ons
Utilities for our Digital Rights Management products
drm product add-ons


DRM Product Add-ons

The add-ons that are available for our digital rights management products are explained in this section, along with the relevant documentation for download.

Safeguard Web Publisher

Where Publishers want to make protected PDF documents available to users without having to install a Viewer, they can use Safeguard Web Publisher to prepare them for web use.  Users use the free browser based Viewer to view them.

Safeguard PDF Portable

Safeguard PDF Portable is a portable, no installation Viewer and secure PDF document solution for USB sticks. It enables publishers to distribute secure Viewers, documents, and keystores on USB sticks, and users to use secure documents from any computer without having to install or register the secure Viewer software.

Safeguard PDF Portable can work in both offline (no Internet connection for the user is required), and online mode where USB sticks can be updated on-the-fly with new documents, keys, and access rights.

E-commerce Integration

Ecommerce integration allows for full automation between your web sales process (payment system) and the issuing of licenses and file access (pdf documents, flash files, products).

Instead of having to manually enter user details into the administration system (user name, email address, protected files they are entitled to view, etc.), the ecommerce module allows these details to be sent automatically from your ecommerce system to the LockLizard administration system, so no manual input is required.  Users therefore do not experience any unnecessary delay in receiving their license codes, and can view your protected files as soon as they have paid.  This is suitable for organizations processing more than 20 sales a day.

You or your web developer integrate with the LockLizard ecommerce module from your ecommerce system of choice, or you can separately purchase ecommerce plug-ins for common shopping cart systems (e.g. Magento, XCart, opencart) from Proexe who also provide integration services, or concrete5 plugins from Mesuva.

Product Manuals

Shopping Cart System Demo

PDF Command Line Encryption - Batch Protection

Safeguard PDF Security Command Line Encryption Utility allows the automation of actions that would otherwise have had to be carried out manually whilst protecting documents through the Writer GUI.  PDF files can be encrypted and DRM controls applied without the need for manual input or user intervention. Commands can be run from the DOS prompt or a batch file.

This also provides quick and simple integration into your existing web based applications and .NET code (where PDF encryption is required on-the-fly) without the need to use an API.  It also simplifies integration with Document Management Systems.

All the protection options available through the Safeguard Secure PDF Writer GUI can be accessed through the command line utility.

Product Manuals

Command Line Encryption Demo

  • Document Protection demo using command line encryption.

    This demo uses a GUI to run command line commands.  Organizations internally can use this to rapidly protect documents for secure distribution and to control what DRM protection features are made available.

Publisher Own Branding

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer Publisher own branding is a valuable and flexible approach to helping publishers present their overall electronic image in the same way as their print image.  Publishers can substitute their own branding/logo in place of the LockLizard logo displayed in the top right hand corner of the Secure PDF Viewer toolbar.

Publisher own branding uses a web link to a JPG image containing whatever the publisher wishes to have displayed.  That branding is transferred when the publisher's customer registers their license, and is updated whenever the customer's license is checked.  So publishers are able to change their house style dynamically, and can even use special branding for periods of time if they so wish.

The maximum image size is 285 (width) x 35 (height) pixels.

Custom Viewer Registration Email

When you add a customer/user to the LockLizard administration system, they automatically receive an email (unless you turn this feature off) with details on how to install the Viewer software and register their license.  This email can be customized with your own logo, images, and text, and even the user's name for a more personal touch.  You can also change the email Subject and include the user's name here too.

This service is especially useful if you want to reinforce your branding, wish to apply a more personal message which may include links to your protected documents, or wish to display text in another language.


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LockLizard has the best DRM system, with the most protection, for our e-commerce system and customers. We wanted to have a seamless system that would work with our checkout cart without requiring any action from us. We wanted our publishers to feel secure that their products would be protected, and we did not want our customers to have to wait to access the products they purchased. LockLizard achieved this for us.

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