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PDF USB Security & Copy Protection
Secure USB DRM with zero installation secure PDF viewer
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Safeguard PDF Portable - PDF USB DRM Security

Safeguard PDF Portable is the no installation, portable secure USB Viewer, and PDF document copy protection solution for USB sticks.   It can be used as a completely offline solution (no Internet access ever required), and since secure documents are locked to USB sticks rather than to specific computers they can be used anywhere.

Safeguard PDF Portable provides real security without the installation overheads - nothing is loaded onto or installed in anything on a user's computer system.   The PDF secure USB Viewer software runs directly from the USB stick, working in exactly the same way as the secure Viewer that requires installing on your computer.

Safeguard PDF Portable solves the issues of firewall access, granting administrator privileges, Internet availability, and the use of roaming profiles.   It does not rely on insecure plug-ins, passwords, self-extracting exes, JavaScript or Flash, in order to provide total DRM copy protection.   For additional user privacy, USB sticks can be password locked to prevent unauthorized use if lost or stolen.

Publishers purchasing Safeguard PDF Portable can distribute any combination of secure USB Viewers, secure documents, and keystores on USB sticks, offering publishers and users novel and significant flexibility in both distributing and using DRM controlled documents.   USB sticks can be updated on-the-fly after distribution.

PDF USB Copy Protection - How it Works

Publishers protect PDF documents using Safeguard PDF Security or Enterprise PDF DRM Security.   Documents are encrypted and DRM controls are applied at this stage.


Protected PDF documents and keystores are published securely  (locked) to USB devices using Safeguard's 'Protect to USB' application.


A secure USB Viewer is copied to the USB device(s) so users do not have to install any software to view your USB copy protected documents.


Publishers distribute secure USB devices to their customers/users.   USB devices can be password protected so that they can be safely sent in the mail without fear of getting lost.


Users can download additional protected PDF documents that they have been authorized to view to their USB devices.

PDF USB Security Features

  • Secure USB Viewer application and keystore is pre-loaded so nothing is installed on the recipient PC

  • Does not require for the user to be identified or the registration tracked - avoids the use of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Users never have to connect to the Internet - users don't have to connect to a licensing server to register, to obtain access rights, or to view documents
  • USB sticks may be pre-loaded with both authorized and un-authorized documents but licensed piecemeal (so publishers can protect thousands of documents to USB and license individual users to access selected documents after distribution)
  • Additional documents and keys may be added to USB sticks online
  • USB sticks may be pre-loaded with JUST the Viewer and a blank keystore (no documents)  - users can download documents online at a later date and publishers can grant access to them as and when they are purchased
  • Possession of the USB stick is the grant of rights, so the USB stick may be lent or re-sold just like an ordinary book (but not be copied)
  • USB documents can be controlled in both online and offline modes
  • Publishers can set up 'standard' contents lists for USB devices, and then create multiple USBs on-the-fly
  • Existing secured PDF documents are copied across to the USB sticks so publishers do not have to re-protect documents specifically for PDF USB Security
  • Existing PDF structures and controls are maintained on documents secured to USB
  • You do not need a pre-established link between the publisher and the user, the publisher can license and issue USB content without having to create a user first
  • Existing users can also be extended to use Safeguard PDF Portable quickly and easily
  • The first truly no installation secure PDF DRM system available - no downloads, no plug-ins to install, no JavaScript or Flash risks, no self-extracting exes to run, no applications to install
  • Users can password protect USB sticks so that loss or theft of a USB stick does not result in secure documents being used by unauthorized users
  • USB sticks can be locked to specific IP address ranges (e.g. to prevent corporate users taking USB sticks home to use secure documents there)
  • No need to purchase special hardware for USB duplication.   Just plug any manufacturer's USB stick into your computer.

PDF USB Security Benefits

Safeguard PDF Portable is the only truly zero footprint solution that does not lock you to being online and taking pages from a server.  So all of the functionality and performance of local files without compromising the security of the solution.

  • No software for users to install - IT departments don't have to custom install, assign administrator privileges, or carry out formal evaluation - saving time and money

  • No licenses for users to register - publishers don't need to go through the process of setting up user records, users don't have to worry about Internet connections
  • No firewall issues – documents and keystores are distributed on USB sticks without end users ever having to connect to the Internet to register, download decryption keys, or verify access (you can of course enforce document access verification if you want to and have users download additional secure documents on-the-fly)
  • Truly portable solution – documents are locked to USB sticks rather than individual computers so they can be used on any computer, anywhere
  • Complete offline solution – information is preloaded, avoiding mandatory use of the Internet when this may be forbidden for security reasons
  • You do not have to re-issue the USB stick to make more documents accessible
  • Allows users with roaming profiles to use secure documents immediately.   Educational establishments (schools, colleges, universities) are often set up not to allow Internet access, and to use 'roaming profiles' so that students see their personal desktop in whatever classroom they log in from. Safeguard PDF Portable allows the student to take their own 'library' of secure PDF documents with them from class to class
  • Digital editions can now be sold over the counter without the publisher needing to know anything about the customer, just like a normal book
  • Secure documents are instantly accessible just like ordinary files
  • The same secure PDF Viewer is used for both Windows and USB (not a 'lite' version) ensuring consistent delivery of features and functionality without compromizing security
  • The full strength of secured PDF documents without the complications.


Safeguard Portable Manual
Safeguard Portable Datasheet
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Secure PDF Viewer
Secure PDF Viewer Demo
Corporate Installation Overview
User Installation Tips
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PDF Security Issues


With Safeguard PDF Security we now have greater control on who/how our material is accessed when distributed around the world. We recommend LockLizard to other companies. Safeguard PDF Security does what it says - provides a manageable, cost effective uncomplicated way to protect PDF documents, your investment.


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