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Once the password is broken users can freely copy, print,  and distribute, resulting in a loss of intellectual property, revenue or both!

  1. Systems claiming to use zero footprint or no download use standard Acrobat password security to protect your PDF documents and can therefore be easily broken.   See zero footprint solutions.
  2. Systems using plug-ins to protect your documents can be easilycircumvented or conflict with other plug-ins rendering the security useless.   See PDF Plug-ins.
  3. Systems that use javascript to provide PDF protection could expose you to legal liabilities.   There is a good reason why Adobe recommend you to disable javascript in Adobe Reader because it is regularly used by hackers to gain access to computers.
  4. Watermarks applied to password protected PDF files can be simply  removed once a user knows or has removed the PDF password, thus rendering the watermark useless.   See PDF Watermarks.

If you are looking for something more substantial than smoke and mirrors to protect your PDF documents, intellectual property and revenue streams  then you need
Lizard Safeguard PDF Security.

Lizard Safeguard protects PDF documents from unauthorized:
  • viewing (including how many times)
  • copying
  • sharing
  • modifying
  • saving
  • printing (including how many times)
  • printing to file, PDF, or image printers
  • screen grabbing (print screen and third party screen grabbers)

You decide:

  • when documents expire (if at all)
  • if documents should be revoked
  • if user accounts expire
  • whether dynamic (user name, company name, email, date/time) or static watermarks should be applied to viewed and/or printed documents

For a full feature list see
Safeguard PDF Security or Enterprise PDF Security

There are NO passwords, insecure plug-ins, or zero footprint solutions to compromize your security, intellectual property and/or revenue streams!

And for total peace of mind we use US Government strength AES 256 bit encryption for your PDF document protection.

Use Lizard Safeguard to:

  • Prevent theft of your intellectual property
  • Control how your intellectual property is used
  • Protect your revenue streams
  • Increase your Return On Investment
  • Comply with business requirements (regulatory compliance, document retention)

See why hundreds of publishers, corporate entities and small business rely on LockLizard for their intellectual property  protection.   Our customers

Customer Testimonial:   Aviation Exam

" Lizard Safeguard was exactly the type of solution that we had been looking for – simple way to protect our electronic publications that are being sold to customers, while maintaining control over the documents. Ease of use, different possibilities in terms of setting up the watermarks, etc., excellent customer service and pre-sales support, all contributed to an easy purchase decision."  
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If you are still not convinced why you need LockLizard for PDF protection then read
10 things you really wished you had known about PDF Security

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Safeguard PDF Security is extremely easy to use and has given us more control over our intellectual property. We chose Safeguard PDF Security based on a combination of the suite of features offered and the cost of this service.

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