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Prevent Printing or Limit Prints

Prevent Print from PDF Files & Documents: Stop printing or secure prints

Print prevention: prevent print from your documents & files

Preventing printing of documents provides an extra layer of copy protection since it prevents users photocopying printed documents or scanning printed copies and re-saving them as unprotected files.

Document DRM systems not only prevent printing, but enable you to provide secure printing (allowing limited print copies that are logged and watermarked with unique user information) for confidential documents.

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Protect PDF files

  • Stop unauthorized access and sharing
  • Control use – stop printing, copying, editing, etc.
  • Lock PDFs to devices, countries, locations
  • User and PDF expiry, revoke files at any time

Preventing Printing or Limit Prints with Safeguard PDF security

Prevent Printing of PDF documents

Using Safeguard PDF DRM software you can simply and easily create PDF documents that cannot be printed.  Safeguard PDF Security automatically prevents printing of PDF documents – PDF documents you protect have printing prevented unless you specifically allow it.

To prevent printing protect the PDF document and leave the ‘allow printing’ checkbox unchecked.

Secure Printing: limit prints, control use

If you want to allow printing (so don’t prevent print but instead control print use) then Safeguard provides various secure printing control features.  These include:

  • limit prints – limit the number of times someone can print a PDF file.
  • expiry – preventing document access after print copies have been used.
  • prevent printing, enable printing, or limit prints of the same document on a per user basis.
  • enforce printing of color documents in black & white or grayscale.
  • dynamic print watermarks.  Watermarks displaying user information on printed documents discourages users from photocopying / scanning and sharing PDFs because they identify the user responsible.
  • disable print to file.  If you allow printing, you must disable print to file so that users can not save your documents as unprotected PDF files with unlimited printing.  Disable print to file is always enforced if printing is allowed.
  • logging print use.  See who has printed your PDFs, how many prints have been made, and when and where this occurred.

Stop or limit printing of PDF files & enable secure prints

How to prevent printing of documents or limit prints

At the very first level, if you want to talk about ‘prevent printing’, then you mean not allowing a document to be printed at all (stop printing or disable printing).  So at the simplest level if you want to prevent printing then you need a document management system that simply does not have the ability to transfer the document to a printer (no printers available for selection), or a document DRM system that disables use of the print command.

However, life is never that simple.  More usually, the requirement to prevent printing means to ‘secure printing’ – limit the number of copies that can be printed, track print use, and prevent printing to file drivers (that would allow the user to create any number of prints).

So the requirement to prevent printing is usually qualified in some way.

Sometimes the requirement to prevent printing is actually to prevent printing that cannot be identified.  In other words, whilst printing is to be permitted, per se, there is a desire to prevent printing of the original by others.  This means being able to put information onto the printout that identifies the owner of the IPR of the document, and perhaps the person carrying out the printing.  Whilst this does not act to prevent printing where the authorized user creates the print, it means you prevent printing by other people, by exposing the identity of the person who has failed to implement proper document control and document management.

A common concern that causes people to prevent printing is the risk that printed documents might be scanned and re-published.  The requirement here is not so much prevent printing, but prevent re-printing.  The simplest way to prevent printing in this case is to provide watermarking that will:

  • identify clearly the source of the printed information
  • make it more difficult to try and scan the printout in order to turn it back into text that can then be made into an ordinary document.

One has to be aware that if you do not prevent printing, then you are opening up a potential security weakness by allowing printing, and that you must use one or more of the countermeasures that we have identified in order to reduce the potential for piracy.  If you do not, then you might as well not have bothered with any document security mechanisms.

But one assumes that you are sensitive to the nuances between needing to prevent printing as an absolute measure, and the need to prevent printing when you mean unidentified printing or printing that can be readily reprocessed whilst removing your proof of ownership of the content.

  Download secure print software to prevent or limit print of PDF files & documents

Prevent printing or enable secure printing: limit prints, track use, watermark

Download print prevention software that uses digital rights management (DRM) controls to prevent printing of your PDF documents and files: reports, elearning and online training courses, confidential documents, etc.  Prevent print, copying, and sharing of your content.  Copy control software that ensures the security and use of your highly confidential documents and sensitive information.

Preventing printing of your documents and information ensures users can not produce photocopies or duplicates for other people.  With Locklizard document DRM software you can choose to prevent print or limit and control the number of prints allowed.  If you allow prints to be made then our document DRM software will automatically prevent print to file, PDF, or image printers so that high quality copies cannot be readily made.  Track print use and dynamically watermark documents to discourage photocopying of printed copies.

Safeguard uses US Government strength encryption (AES) and digital rights management controls to prevent printing of your documents, stop sharing and control use.  We do not use PDF password protection, PDF plugins or other insecure technology.

See our customer testimonials or read our case studies to see why thousands of organizations use Locklizard PDF security to prevent printing and securely protect their documents.

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