Add ons


Software Licence

  • Monthly - payable every month
  • Annual - payable every year plus any additional add-ons
  • Perpetual - payable once only including any additional add-ons (excluding Web Publisher)

Product Type

Own Server

This is for customers who have specific security requirements, or reporting needs. These can include requiring a specific backup cycle or needing to run the system on internal servers and networks purely for internal use.

Product Type

Locklizard Hosting

A shared Locklizard server is used to host your administration system. It is pre-built for immediate use.

Add ons

Command Line

Allows you to create secure documents on the fly


Allows you to automate the creation of customer accounts and document access

Own Branding

Allows you to replace the Locklizard viewer LOGO with your own LOGO

Web Publisher

Allows you to publish documents to the web for use with the Web Viewer - no software required to view documents

USB Publisher

Allows you to publish documents to a USB stick, no software to install



Support is payable on a yearly basis. The support fee will differ depending on the add-ons you purchase